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JULY 2014

As agents are aware the lottery products distribution model in Victoria and New South Wales is different to Queensland. In both states 711 stores have, up until recently, been selling lotto on a limited basis. More recently Tatts trialled the sale of lotto through Coles Xpress outlets in Victoria. That trial has now been completed and a final decision whether to expand the distribution to all Coles Xpress stores in Victoria is expected in the near future.  One of LAQ’s concerns with these models is that the outlets have not been required to implement the full Retail Image.

In Queensland the distribution of Golden Casket products is limited to businesses that meet the “Small Business” guidelines in the Lotteries Act. That is the business proprietor (individuals or company) cannot employ more than 50 full time staff or the part time equivalent (ie. 2000 hours per week paid part time staff).
In response to a written submission by LAQ to the Attorney General, Jarrod Bleijie on our concerns surrounding any move to broaden the distribution network channel in Queensland we received a reply stating that the government continues to support the “Small Business” definition contained in the Act.

The A G. stated in his reply to LAQ:

“As you rightly point out, the Lotteries Act 1997 outlines the conditions for entering into an agency agreement for the sale of lottery tickets in Queensland. The Queensland Government is not progressing any amendments to the definition of “small business” as contained within the Act, which would facilitate the sale of lottery products by outlets that do not meet the existing criteria”.

LAQ representatives are scheduled to meet with the A.G in August and we will be discussing a range of lottery related issues. If you have any industry wide matter you would like us to raise at that meeting please contact the LAQ director in your area or the Secretary (see contact details at end of newsletter). 


The Australian Competition and Consumer Commission has granted LAQ an authorisation to collectively bargain on behalf of lottery retailers in respect of dealings with Golden Casket. The authorisation also allows negotiations with any other operator of a lottery licence in Queensland should one be granted during the term of the authorisation. The current exclusive licence held by Tatts is until 2016. The ACCC authorisation is for 10 years which is double the period of the last two authorisations granted to LAQ. The authorisation places LAQ in a position where we can continue to represent all agents irrespective of the hosts business in negotiations with Golden Casket.


Tatts has appointed an organisation to look at ways to bring together the various brands of the business that are effectively selling the same products but in different jurisdictions. LAQ believes the Golden Casket brand has high recognition in Queensland and nothing should jeopardise its continuation. The name Golden Casket is owned by the State Government and we are sure that they would not want the value of that brand diminished in any way. This matter will be raised at the meeting in August with the Attorney General.
Golden Casket representative Antony Moore said in a statement to the LAQ that the project would not impact on agents who are implementing the new G.C Retail Image.   


A large number of agents are due to upgrade to the new Retail Image over the next twelve months. The new specifications and standards for Retail Image have seen significantly lower installation costs for agents. However in some shopping centres management is insisting on more expensive products and LAQ is investigating with Golden Casket if they can assist in this area. Also we are aware from discussions with Tom Brown from Tom Brown Shopfitters that agents in regional and country areas are liaising and co-ordinating new retail image shop fits and achieving significant savings. Mark Lovejoy is returning to the position of RI manager Queensland for Golden Casket in early August.


The LAQ membership subscription for 2014/15 remains unchanged at $270 (+ GST). LAQ continues to operate on a very cost effective basis with subscriptions significantly lower than other associations. Many of the conditions applying in Queensland that do not exist in other jurisdictions have been achieved due to the effective representation by LAQ on behalf of agents. LAQ is also looking to broaden the current insurance from the “terminal liability” product to a full comprehensive package of business insurance for members. We hope to have more about this in our next newsletter. The subscription for LAQ members will be swept from agents’ accounts by G.C in early August.
LAQ appreciates the continued support of members for the work we do in the area of lottery matters, a most important area of your business. If you have any lottery issue you would like to discuss please contact the LAQ director in your area.


Golden Casket is liaising with LAQ regarding changes to the EFT Sweep Defaults policy. Despite fears that the earlier sweep date would see a greater number of weekly defaults this has not been the case according to G.C. However G.C is looking at new measures for agents with two or more defaults, provided of course the default is not a bank or other error outside the control of the agent. These proposed changes include for defaulting agents more frequent sweeps and after three defaults a bank bond. LAQ is seeking changes to the draft policy to include provision for an agent to be returned to normal sweep arrangements when they are incident free for a 12 month period. We are awaiting further feedback from G.C on the final policy.


Golden Casket recently completed a review of terminal allocations and as a consequence 20 agents with two terminals were reassessed and one terminal allocated. The criteria was based on a number of factors but the primary one was the number of transactions. Golden Casket has advised LAQ that there are existing agents with one terminal processing a higher number of transactions than some of those agents who were impacted by the decision. Agents have been given 3 months notice of the intention to remove the second terminal. G.C said the adjustment across all Queensland in the last twelve months after taking into account agents who qualified for an extra terminal was a net reduction of 13.

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