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Tatts News Report

The recent news report with comments attributed to Tatts CEO Robbie Cooke has raised concerns regarding the current distribution arrangements for lottery products in Queensland. The report said Mr Cooke intended to expand the distribution of Tatts products and that the company intended to sell scratch-it tickets in Supermarkets following a trial in Coles Express outlets. He said the objective was to generate increased sales rather than cannibalise sales from traditional outlets. Tatts is also looking to leverage their internet sales across all products.

In a response Antony Moore, Tatts Head of Retail said some comments in the article were incorrect and others taken out of context. He said “It is important to recognise that the comments attributed to Tatts Group CEO, Robbie Cooke, also reflect the wider Tatts Group operations and, for example the particular challenges faced by the Tatts bet wagering business in a highly competitive market. The primary objective of our multi-channel distribution approach remains to provide players with convenient access to our games, whilst maintaining a viable and committed distribution network. This needs to evolve over time to reflect player preferences, changes in shopping habits and new distribution opportunities.  The Coles Express trial in Victoria is an example in relation to potential expansion of our existing convenience store offer however the articles reference to Instant Scratch-its distribution through Supermarkets was taken out of context in relation to this trial. Clearly there will also be further investment in our on-line channel. This does not mean we will in any way diminish our commitment to, and investment in, the significant network of full service franchisees and agents who continue to support and promote our brands to the vast majority of our large player base”.

As members would be aware there are differences in the operation of Tattersall in Queensland with the “Small Business” legislation prohibiting an “owner” with 50 full time (or equivalent part time) employees from holding a lottery licence. LAQ is committed to seeing that this position remains unchanged.

Survey of Members

LAQ has received very positive feedback from members following a telephone survey of over 200 members who were contacted to gauge issues of concern to agents. As LAQ meets regularly with Golden Casket management to discuss matters, feedback from agents is important in that process. The major issue for agents was the threat of a mass distribution of lottery products through supermarkets. LAQ’s position on the distribution model in Queensland is clear, we support the “Small Business” legislation and just as importantly the requirement that any retailer wishing to sell lotto be required to undertake the Retail Image fit out. This means irrespective of the host business (news agent, food retailer, pharmacy etc) there is a level playing field.

Retail Image Improvements


Golden Casket has advised LAQ that following consultation significant changes have been made to Retail Image. LAQ is very supportive of the changes which should see significant cost savings for agents. We also believe the modified bulk-head and other refinements improve the overall presentation. Golden Casket is placing the new designs on their Retailers Website. Also a copy can be obtained from LAQ at

Lotto Machine Interface


LAQ has received feedback from agents regarding the changes to the lotto terminal interface. The customer information is good however from an operator’s perspective there are a number of shortcomings including screen colours, screen layout and font sizes. Golden Casket has acknowledged the feedback and has relayed information to the technology group and expect improvements to be made in the next update.

Bar Code on Lotto


LAQ has asked Golden Casket to include a bar code on prize ticket print outs to enable tickets to be scanned into the agent’s POS system. Golden Casket advised that this feature is expected to be in place by March 2014.

Monday Lotto

Golden Casket has advised LAQ that Monday Lotto has been performing well across the network delivering incremental sales. Since the launch of the Monday game Wednesday Lotto has shown little or no cannibalisation. The recent Double Dividends promotion across all divisions had also performed well in QLD.

Federal Government


LAQ has a policy of opposition to the expansion of lottery products on the internet. In this regard we are writing to the Federal Government to seek continued support for the current arrangements whereby “instant “lottery styles games are prohibited from sales via the internet.

LAQ Directors


Members are encouraged to contact the LAQ Director in their area if they have a issue that they would like to see addressed.
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