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Ministry from Home

If you haven't heard, the world has been doing this quarantine thing, because of some disease called Covid-19. So, because of that, I have been unable to do Houses of Prayer, having meetings with our contacts, worship, and attend church. Well, at least physically. I and the others have still been hard at work within our ministries and still working in the mission field, even if it is solely in one place. We have been doing our Houses of Prayer over Zooms, we call our contacts to see how they are doing, we still make moments of worship, and attend church every Sunday in the living room via Facebook. Has this made serving a little more difficult, maybe, but our Lord is still using this opportunity of little to no human interaction to spread his kingdom and creating a season of self reflection. With that, here is what my time in quarantine has looked like thus far.

To keep ourselves busy (and sane), we have been making different videos and sharing them with the church and with all of you. Some have been fun and silly, while others have taken a more serious approach to share a message. Examples of some are "Cooking with Allie", "Things to do in Quarantine", "How to Talk to God". Ones that take a more serious approach, and are near to my heart are the ones that relate to the Fruits of Spirit. These are being made to share specifically with the church in hopes of further discipleship. Plus, they are beneficial for us as well. Having to do a little more studying into each individual fruit, to expand our understanding and discernment of them. And for me, these types of videos are always fun to make. Along with these, I have jumped on the opportunity for us to make worship videos. To which I will explain in the next section.The name of the channel is 40/40's de Monteria, and I will put a link to it below.
 Within my ministry of worship, I obviously can't go to things like worship practice, play guitar for Sunday service, or even for events. But it worship is still being made and used to bless people. Over Zoom, I have been playing worship for certain meetings, like Youth Group, Houses of Prayer, etc. Also, something new we have been creating is worship videos. There fairly simple. I select 2 songs to do for the week, choose the key, and what role each person is doing and then play in front of my camera. Nothing fancy (yet), but they are a fun way to try new songs, and create worship for people for the church afar, and for ourselves. Aside from making music, I have taken this time of having more time to create budgets for literally everything that lives in the world of a praise and worship ministry. From sound boards to 3 inch cables. It was an "interesting" list to put together. Even for someone who has been in this ministry for almost 10 years, it was amazing to see all the things that go into creating and preparing an environment for the ministry. From every small inexpensive thing, to the big and costly. It was created for if and when we have a new church building, and it is without any instruments or additions. In other news, the pastor bought a new piano, and my partner Samuel got himself an acoustic guitar. We are hopeful to do our ministry in front of others very soon.
Other Things In-Between
So much more is being done right now, despite being in quarantine. Every week day we have prayer via Facebook with the pastor at 5am, followed 9am prayer were we each trade off leading it in a rotation. With that, it has been an excellent opportunity to deliver messages and practice roles in leadership. With that we have team meetings everyday minus Tuesday and Sunday to discuss what things need to happen through the week, check ins, preparation, and on Saturdays we are currently going through a bible series as a team in Revelation. With that, we have as a church, via Zoom, have been doing a bible study in Exodus with the pastors, and it has been a mix of step by step discussion combined with trivia. It has been interesting, fun and eye-opening to see many comparisons to the two books. Samuel and I are still doing our House of Prayer with the Pertuz family every Wednesday at 5:00pm and have had the messages ranged from what is hope, have diligence, above logic, God's expectations, etc. Eliana is becoming a very excellent student of the Bible, and I am excited to see where God is leading her. Check in calls and devotionals are also a majority of the time throughout the week. Simply texting or calling people in the church or other contacts outside of it to see how they are doing, especially in this time of quarantine. Many families need food and other supplies, and have no way to access it. Many still have been dire situations from not having any money in this moment in time. So, us and the pastors have been doing all we can to make sure that the people who have needs receive them. By collecting a bunch of food and making "care packages" of sorts to these families, and Alex drives with the the Pastor to each home to give them out. And it has blessed them, and took so much joy and gladness from this and I praise God that he has remained faithful and loving in this time. Going back to meetings, we have been trading on and off doing messages for the youth group. Including yours truly. Mine was over on the importance of having discernment, and how to obtain it. If your interested in reading it, I can send it to you via email. Just send me a message to request with And with more reunions via Zoom, the men have met on and off for the men's group, Valientes. Those have mostly been moments of discussion of the situation currently and how we as men of the church should read it and help church with it. 
Personal works have been great in this time. Aside from the disciplines of prayer and meditation, my connection with his word has been enriching. I finished through the Psalms, and currently in the middle of understanding more of obtaining wisdom, discernment, insight and righteous upright living in the book of Proverbs.  
Throughout all of this, there have been some standout moments. We recently had a birthday for both Mikayla Jasmine. Mikayla is 19 years old now, and her party was a blast. With her being a fan of The Office, we had an office themed party of sorts with a little dance, little cake and lots of pictures. For Jasmine, she turned 3 and we had a Frozen party. She had such a blast, and it was joy to see her have joy. Among other things, we've taken time to watch movies, play games, try new foods, and other things to stay sane. But above all, this time of quarantine has been an amazing opportunity to build my relationship with the Father. To have moments of prayer, worship, solitude, and meditation alone with him. Those moments have been so very needed in this moment of time, when I am confined to just my own self mostly with the same people around me. It can start to be a burden from time to time, but God is faithful, he is true, and he will see this time through.

Prayer Requests:
- That this time of Covid-19 would end soon
- That while in the remaining time of quarantine, that I and the team may have a spirit of patience
- For those in the church who are of needing help of food and medicine
- Strength for our pastors 
- For wisdom and insight 
- My mother and her health
- My contacts and that they may receive the breath of the Holy Spirit

Thank you all again. Sorry this update has taken longer than normal. Its hard to imagine that while in quarantine, you can still become busy with other tasks. If you need to contact me, my current number is still
+1(406)309-1996, my email is 

"Through love and faithfulness sin is atoned for; through the fear of the Lord evil is avoided."
       -  Proverbs 16:6


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