14 April 2022 | Te tekau ma whā o Paenga-whāwhā


Monday, 2 May 
Term 2 begins

Friday, 6 May
Whānau Friday
(Assemblies start in week 2 we hope)


Ōmata School has weathered this ‘RED' term pretty well. Here’s hoping we will be at least in ‘ORANGE’ for term two. We have appreciated your support and patience throughout this time; it has been arduous at times for everyone and we are all reaching deep into our reserves. 

While still with some restrictions and guidelines in place, ORANGE would see us being able to relax a little. Mask wearing becomes recommended, rather than compulsory (The exception being for over 12’s on the bus). We will be able to reintroduce ‘Whānau Fridays’, where you are welcome to pop in to classes if you wish before school. This will be a time when children can show you what they have been up to and a chance to connect with teachers and other parents. Our senior students will serve tea and coffee from Kereru deck. You may wish to stay and join our scheduled assemblies starting in week 2 in the hall from 9-9:40am. Inter-school events and other activities can proceed as long as numbers are limited. Kapa Haka and singing can recommence. We are still being cautious with extra hygiene measures and ventilation continuing. 

Morning and afternoon drop off and pick ups will remain the same. An unintended consequence of the alternate way of starting the day has been that students are far more settled in the mornings as they start their learning. Having teachers in class to greet the children, without distraction, has led to a noticeable growth in independence for some children and less anxiety in others. 

Keep up to date with newsletters; as we all know by now, things may change!


One of Ōmata’s ex students, Max Richards, became an accomplished poet in his lifetime. Max died in 2016 at the age of 76. 

Obituary: Maxwell Eric Arthur RICHARDS

Max was the son of the headmaster and this is a poem he wrote of the time the school well was dug. When I first started as principal, 19 years ago, we were still using the well and all our water was pumped up from the ground near the pool. It wasn’t that long ago that we hooked into the town supply. I remember many a morning with torch in hand, restarting the pump so we had water. It lasted well!

The School Well
One time, the dowser came with his forked rod.
He frowned and paced. It struggles with him.
Everyone tried. The wrists of doubters felt
nothing, believers went wrenching everywhere-
as if the school grounds floated on a sea!

So the men dug. Each day the bucket can
further, and wound back up less hopefully,
but winding down into the dizzy dark
they said: “The stars shine all the tie down here”,
grinning upwards dwindling, so I doubted -
“How could they?” “Ask your Dad - he’s the teacher”.

He said: “Truth’s at the bottom of the well”.
“When can I go down?” “All in good time…”

The other kids were not to get a look.
Their Dads were share-milkers. They came by bus.
They had chilblains and runny noses,
Their mothers were gave them handkerchiefs.

Cloud stretched from mountain to coast. The men dug.
Then came a sudden hot bright afternoon - 
school finished, the bus emptied the playground.
My moment - allowed to ride the bucket
down into chilly clay, I saw the sky
darken - the stars shone down, my thirst was slaked.

At length, some yellow water, then plenty - 
clearing, approved. A pump sealed tight the one -
time-entered treasury, forbade the stars.
The dowser had his fee, the school its well.

- Max Richards - ex Ōmata School student


The Year 5/6 Inter-School sports competition will be taking place in Term 2. This competition happens during school time and will involve about 3-4 fixtures spread out over the term. Some fixtures will be at home and others will be away. We require coaches for rugby, football and netball. If you are able to help out in anyway can you please email Stu on stuart@omata.school.nz


Great to see some of our Ōmata children using their creativity during lunchtimes. Kiera, Lucas and Dominic have done a fabulous job using our cones to create an awesome, colourful cone monster!

Wishing you all a safe and happy holiday


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