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14 October 2016

Dear readers,

This week the World Health Summit took place in Berlin - its conclusions aim to tackle humanitarian aid, AMR and the health and education of women and girls. You can read more below. The Commission published a very interesting report on the Fiscal Sustainability of Health Care ahead of the ECOFIN meeting this week. Tomorrow, the European Breast Cancer Coalition holds Breast Health Day to disseminate information about breast health and to raise awareness of prevention and early detection of breast cancer among women and girls across Europe.

Happy reading and all the best,

David Hubert
Founding Director
EU Monitr

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What's New?


Public Health

  • Fiscal Sustainability of Health Care and Long-term Care Systems: Commission services and EPC publish Joint Report (read)
  • The Council agreed its position on a directive protecting workers from exposure to carcinogens or mutagens in the workplace (read)
  • Commissioner Andriukaitis speech for World Mental Health Day (read)
  • Health and the EU: better spending, better lives (watch)
  • ENVI newsletter - Access to Medicine - HIV AIDS - Tuberculosis - Hepatitis C (read)
  • Spotlight on mental health in Europe (read)
  • On World Mental Health Day: The map of Europe according to how much governments care about mental health (read)


  • European Organ Donation Day: Call to Action to improve donation and transplantation (read)
  • EULAR calls for ambitious EU health and safety legislation by the end of 2016 (read)
  • What is outcomes-driven, sustainable healthcare and why does it matter? (read)



  • Petition on the alleged non-recognition by the French authorities of the midwife qualification obtained in Belgium (read)
  • Written Question: Recognition of professional qualifications (read)


  • MEP Soledad CABEZON RUIZ press conference on her draft report on Access to Medicine (watch)
  • Vaccines Europe position paper on Life-long immunisation (read)
  • Flexibility and Collaboration Key to Boosting Access to Life-Saving Oncology Products (read)
  • IMI's Director highlights activities on #AntimicrobialResistance #dementia #MedicinesSafety #DrugDevelopment at ITRE meeting (watch from 2:09:50)


  • COCIR guide on EU Structural and Investment Funds (ESIF) 2014-2020 for healthcare projects (read)
  • Hearing - Towards an mHealth Framework for Europe - Presentations available (info)
  • HIMSS launches Women in Health IT Community to address growing health IT gender gap (read)
  • New Digital Healthcare Award in Europe (read)

Push the pieces around or change the game?

By Yannis Natsis @ynatsis Policy Coordinator, Universal Access and Affordable Medicines, European Public Health Alliance (EPHA)

Following the groundbreaking June 2016 Council Conclusions on medicines and the recent publication of the UN High Level Panel report on access to medicines, it is more than clear that the status quo is no longer an option as The Lancet put it.

Today, Europeans across the continent cannot afford their treatments, public health systems struggle to cope with the exorbitant prices of medicines, access restriction policies are in place even in the wealthiest of member states and decision makers increasingly question the quality of medical innovation. In other words, do we get the medicines we need? Why is the innovation model failing us? Is medicines’ affordability possible? At the same time, governments dare to break long-standing carefully fostered taboos and take a critical stance towards intellectual property (IP) related incentives and additional forms of patent protection. Furthermore, they realise they cannot address these challenges on their own and decide to join forces. Such collaboration was unthinkable only a couple of years ago.

This is certainly illustrative of the gravity of the problem. That is why; governments seek short, mid and long term solutions to the access to medicines problems they face. These are rapidly evolving into a social justice and human rights issue forcing countries to think outside the box and to gradually get away from the Stockholm Syndrome we all seem to suffer from when we think about the pharmaceutical system.

The EPHA flagship access to medicines event entitled “Healthy Innovation for all” scheduled to take place on November 29 in Brussels under the auspices of Poland will bring together key stakeholders who will engage in an open and lively discussion around the real questions and problems. We will debate how to move towards a pharmaceutical model that serves public health needs and promotes genuine innovation with healthy price tags. Given the scale and urgency of the crisis in access to medicines facing every patient, every hospital, every government and every country, no proposal should be considered taboo or off limits. It is up to policymakers, both in Europe and in the member states, to set the new rules of the game to ensure that our health is the real winner. Besides, it is undisputed that there are movements in the chessboard, it remains to be seen whether we will simply push the pieces around or change the game. 

Register here and join the discussion on Twitter using #HealthyInnovation


World Health Summit - Immigration, AMR & Health Education of Women

On Monday, the eighth World Health Summit concluded in Berlin with a record number of participants and a clear call to action. 1,800 participants from more than 90 countries attended the preeminent international conference for Global Health. For three days, more than 250 speakers presented new developments in health in more than 40 sessions. Central topics: Migration and Refugee Health; Big Data and Technological Innovation in Healthcare; Infectious Diseases and Lessons Learned from Ebola to Zika; Women, Empowerment and Health.

WHS President Prof. Dr. Detlev Ganten concluded that “These three days were permeated by an atmosphere of international cooperation across all borders. Participants included decision-makers from academia, politics, the private sector, and civil society, including four Ministers of Health and two Nobel Prize laureates”.

At the closing ceremony the M8 Alliance, the World Health Summit’s academic think tank, issued a declaration calling on heads of state and governments to invest in people and to ensure that no one is left behind.

Key demands of the M8 Alliance Declaration:

- Around the world, 130 million people need humanitarian aid, more than 60 million people have been forcibly displaced from their homes. Strategies for continuous medical support need to be developed.
- Antimicrobial resistance constitutes one of the central health challenges of today. To find sustainable solutions, cooperation has to be intensified on an international, national and regional level.
- There can be no progress in global health without addressing the health, education and empowerment of women and girls. Women have to have control of their life choices and bodily integrity. This includes the right of women to modern family planning.

The M8 Alliance Declaration is available online


Tenders / Calls




Coming up

  • 15 October - Europa Donna - Breast Health Day (info)
  • 19 October - EMA - workshop: mobile technologies and social media as new tools in pharmacovigilance (info)
  • 20 October - EMA - Information day on medication errors (info)
  • 21 October - EC/EUnetHTA - European collaboration on HTA – what’s next?” (info)
  • 24-28 October - OSHA - 2016 European Week for Safety and Health at Work (info)
  • 25 October - DOREMI - Final Conference “Doremi orchestrates healthy ageing in Europe" (info)
  • 26 October - European Commission - European Congress on eCardiology and eHealth (info)
  • 28 OctoberHealthcare Professionals Crossing Borders (HPCB) - promoting patient safety across borders conference (info)
  • 30 October - 2 November - MedTechForumEU - European MedTech Forum (info)
  • 31 October - 2 November - Alzheimer Europe - 26th Alzheimer Europe Conference (info)
  • 8-9 November - EPF - Conference on Patient & Family Empowerment for Better Patient Safety (info)
  • 9-12 November - EPH - 9th European Public Health Conference: All for Health - Health for All (info)
  • 14-15 November - EMA - Identifying opportunities for ‘Big data’ in medicines development and regulation (info)
  • 15 November - PGEU - State of Health in the EU: the Community Pharmacy Contribution (info)
  • 16 November - Friends of Europe - Policies to counter risks to global health (info)
  • 18 November - European Antibiotic Awareness Day (info)
  • 18-22 November - CAREIF - World Psychiatric Association International Congress (info)
  • 21-22 November - HIMSS - World of Health IT (info)
  • 28-30 November - ECDC - European Scientific Conference on Applied Infectious Disease Epidemiology (info)
  • 29 November 2016 - EPHA - Healthy Innovation for All (info)
  • 30 November - 2 December - MedTechForum - European Med Tech Forum (info)
  • 5-8 December - European Commission - European Summit on Digital Innovation for Active & Healthy Ageing (info)
  • 8 December - COCIR - eHealth Summit - Digital Health Innovation: Define, Measure, Impact (info)
  • 8 December - EMA - Workshop on adaptive pathways - discussing a concept for development of medicines addressing unmet medical needs (info)
  • 26-27 January - Medicines for Europe - 16th Medicines for Europe Regulatory & Scientific Affairs Conference (info)

Healthy Innovation for All

EPHA - One-day multi-stakeholder event on access to medicines in Europe.

Health is a fundamental universal right which relies on fair and equal access to medicines. Nevertheless, it appears that patients across Europe may suffer from lack of affordability of many life-saving medicines.

The programme will discuss the current situation of access to medicines in Europe, EU regulatory developments and explore policy recommendations for affordable medicines that serve public health needs and promote genuine innovation for all.


Tuesday 29 November 2016, 9:00 – 17:30  


Permanent Representation of Poland to the European Union, Rue Stevin 139, 1000 Brussels

Registration deadline

23 November 2016

More information

Tweets of the Week

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