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March 2015
Staging the Ukrainian Avant-Garde of the 1910s and 1920s

The Ukrainian Museum will present the first comprehensive exhibition showcasing avant-garde artists who shaped early 20th-century Ukrainian theater and, ultimately, influenced the theatrical world stage. A historical trajectory serves as the organizing principle for the exhibition, beginning with experimental designs for dance and culminating with theatrical spectacle at its most innovative period in the theaters of Kiev, Odessa, and Kharkov… Show more

Exhibition program (PDF)

The Ukrainian Museum
February 15 – September 13, 2015
222 East 6th Street
New York, NY 10003
Tel.: 212 228 0110
New at the Theater Museum of Vienna

The Music World celebrates in 2015 the double anniversary of the well-known and popular Austrian tenor Heinz Zednik. He will celebrate his 75th anniversary and and five decades as member of the ensemble of the Haus am Ring, the Vienna State Opera ... Show more (ger)

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Until 21 September 2015
Lobkowitzplatz 2
1010 Vienna
Tel.: +43 1 525 24 3460
New Publication from the Akademie der Künste

For decades Maria Steinfeldt has been a most influential theater photographer. As a graduate of the Leipzig Academy of Visual Arts, Brecht's ideas were a maxim for her work: never view productions only on the basis of their final stage appearance, but to accompany them throughout their preparation. Working with directors such as Ruth Berghaus, Peter Konwitschny, Heiner Müller and Einar Schleef and making theatre documentaries on behalf of the Association of Theatre Producers of the GDR and later the Academy of Arts, Berlin, she captured unique insights into the work of the great theatre makers. The resulting work is a fascinating archive picture of recent theatre history... Show more (ger)

Theaterarbeit in Fotografien
Maria Steinfeldt & Thomas Irmer (authors)
Theater der Zeit
March 2015

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Digital Archive of German-Language Theatre Journals

In cooperation with Paul S. Ulrich Don Juan Archiv Wien develops a digital archive for theatre journals in the German speaking area from 1750 until 1918. More than 4.500 prints will be searchable in the online catalogue of Don Juan Archiv Wien and downloadable as far as possible in respect of copyright issues. So a very important source for the historical research on theatre will be made accessible extensively.... Show more (ger)
New Publication from the CND
Le butô en France, malentendus et fascination

This book traces the history of Butoh in France since the shock of its discovery in the late 1970s. The fascination for this art, not without misunderstandings, stimulated a real enthusiasm in the world of professional dance. Through the analysis of this unique artistic phenomenon this book reveals the multiple cultural dynamics working in a changing society... Show more (fr)

Le butô en France, malentendus et fascination
Sylviane Pagès (author)
Centre national de la danse
19 February 2015

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New Publication from the CND
Entre cours et jardins d'illusion : Le ballet en Europe (1515-1715)

From the emergence of ballet in the context of humanist Renaissance in 1515 to the death of Louis XIV in 1715, this book traces the crucial steps of the history of ballet in France… Show more (fr)

Entre cours et jardins d’illusion : Le ballet en Europe (1515-1715)
Nathalie Lecomte (author)
Centre national de la danse
December 2014

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Special Edition on French Theater and Indochina

The Revue d'Histoire du Théâtre has published a first study on the history of colonial theater through the French theater policy in Indochina… Show more (fr)

Revue d'Histoire du Théâtre, Number 264
Société d'histoire du théâtre (Paris, France) (author)
October 2014

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