The Importance of Following Through
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Leadership: 4-Tips To Follow Through

Tip 1: Utilize the Power of Follow-Through
Follow-through is power and can enable you to outperform even those blessed with more talent than you in accomplishing the goal at hand. The key lies in setting yourself up with a follow-through system that fosters your tenacity towards such or fosters the fortitude of the team you're working with. 

Tip 2: Effective Tracking and Scheduling System
Avoid just setting the completion of a task in motion by attainable follow-through. Follow-through with tracking and verification that provide transparent benchmarks drastically increase the likelihood of completion. Make sure to implement a tracking and scheduling system that is both simple and effective for your individual needs or the needs of the team you're working with.

Tip 3: Be Realistic
Knowing how much you're willing to give up and/or sacrifice to get the thing you are striving for expresses just how important it is to you. This clarity leads to understanding how real your intentions are. For many, the more intrinsic driven the goal, the more likely of continually following through to attainment.

Tip 4: Follow Through
Follow-through is a way of being honest with yourself and faithful to yourself. Coaching can be a way of not only identifying, what steps it takes to follow through; it can also be extremely helpful of both detecting patterns that are harmful to the process of follow-through as well as supporting you on the path of follow-through. 

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The Importance of Following Through

One thing all gym-goers know is that January is by far the busiest month in a gym. Why is that? A gym is a great place to show you the longevity of New Year’s resolutions. People motivated by a combination of holiday binge-eating-guilt, gifted membership and the usual New Year’s resolution of living healthier typically manage to fight their way through several workouts a week schedule for a month. By mid-February most people welcome their busy work schedules, aching joints, or an Internet article recommending moderation in sports as an excuse to just giving it all up. Typically, by that time the results in the mirror aren’t impressive enough to convince them otherwise, they rather fall into destructive beliefs, that they are not genetically gifted for a healthier looking body anyway. While I don’t want to convince you to try competitive bodybuilding, I chose this example, because there is no doubt in modern science that a lifestyle, which includes balanced physical activity, has a number of health and emotional advantages. Still, it seems very hard to follow through with any kind of workout routine for many people. Like the follow-through with physical exercise following-through with many other aspects of our life such as education, career, and relationship can help us living the life we really want to live.

“Those who are blessed with the most talent don't necessarily outperform everyone else. It's the people with follow-through who excel.” --Mary Kay Ash

There is a fundamental difference between just setting the completion of a task in motion and the follow through, with verification, tracking, follow-up and other important steps until the completion with the desired outcome. This is true, whether we are talking about a personal goal, such as the above mentioned better shape or the variety of organizational goals, which are achieved by a multitude of tasks, each of which require follow-through for their accomplishment.

A proper follow-through for the multitude of tasks in an organization or corporation requires a strategy plus organization. Depending on the level of management, follow through of tasks may get you lost in the details of micromanagement. In this case your task in follow through is to identify the right person(s) in the organization to be tasked with the follow-through, including developing the right tools to track and schedule benchmarks for the respective tasks.

If the organization is not set up for follow-through, it is necessary to acquire the right tools, at least develop some computer schedules and if necessary hire the right staff to ensure the organization’s tasks are followed through properly.

For the follow-through regarding personal goals, Gwen Moran ( recommends these five steps:
  1. Be Honest about, what you Want: She recommends getting clarity and honesty about the intended outcomes with a particular focus on whether the motivation is intrinsic or outside recognition is the goal.
  2. Understand the Sacrifice: It is crucial, to know, how much time and other efforts have to be invested. Do you really want to give that much? Particularly Morgan warns, not to set oneself up for failure through creating conflicting priorities. 
  3. Prepare for Success: Identify what it takes to get your single missions accomplished and what it takes to keep track. Only through systems and proper delegation a follow up will be the way to successfully achieving the intended goals.
  4. Give yourself deadlines: To be able to follow through, it is important to have benchmarks with clear deadlines, when a certain benchmark is supposed to be achieved.
  5. Give yourself Incentives: Develop methods of rewarding yourself for the steps you have taken, in a way that gives you comfort, but is not counterproductive. 
Be aware, that follow-through is a way of being honest with yourself and faithful to yourself. Coaching can be a way of not only identifying, what steps it takes to follow through; it can also be extremely helpful of both detecting patterns, which are harmful to the process of follow-through as well as supporting you on the path of follow-through.

"Five Steps To Follow Through On Everything," by Gwen Moran; January 21, 2014;

Melody Taylor-Fliege is an international Associate Certified Coach, ICF and Certified Professional Co-Active Coach, CTI; helping people from both sides of the Atlantic find answers, take actions and produce desired results both professionally and personally.

Living a life with many facets, Melody takes a strong stand for self-empowerment and can foster this attitude in others. Growing-up as No. 12 in a family with many siblings from western USA combined with military, entrepreneurial, managing a patchwork family with 6 daughters from both sides of the Atlantic and both sides of the Iron Curtain, and traveling into well over 30 countries provides her with tolerance, open-mindedness and cultural insight.

As a Life Coach, she specializes in relationships, stress management, leadership, business and career coaching.

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