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It's that time of the year! Volunteers are needed for our annual UMW Yard Sale!
Hiya Church Family,
On the day after Easter, Monday, April 5th, Yard Sale Set Up begins. We need 5 – 8 able bodied volunteers from 8- noon, (or thereabouts), to do fixture set up, and maybe some container emptying.

Because of Covid, we won’t be putting out ALL the stuff we have. We will be leaving things less crowded, and the sale will be spread over two weekends. First Sale weekend will be April 15-16-17, from 8-2 each day. Second Sale weekend will be April 22-23-24, from 8-2 each day.  Our pricing strategy will remain as it has been: Unmarked items are $1 each, items marked with red dot are price as marked.

The next huge need comes during the clean up and puttin’-awayin’ on Saturday, April 24, from 2-5. We anticipate selling out, and we usually come pretty close. Everything left will be boxed up (lids that close for stacking) and we will be donating it on to another place, like Samaritan Shop, or somewhere. If someone wants to volunteer to take it to the next place, please do so. The fixtures will need to be taken down and put back into the shed. That’s a HUGE job when we are all tired. There will be a workday to finish this on Monday, April 26 from 9-noon.

Monday April 5th and Saturday afternoon on April 24th are the days we need the strongest and most energetic of volunteers. The rest of the time, we will accept all comers for unloading the container and unloading and display of goods.

Lastly, (or maybe FIRSTLY!)  if you are unable to physically help, we need your prayers. Please pray for this outreach to bring people who need our love and acceptance, who need our stuff, who need a great deal, who need a church family. Pray for our sale to bless everyone who walks through our doors. Every sale for the past 4 years has brought 800 – 1200 people INTO our church. Our goal is to spread great feelings about Elm Springs United Methodist Church, and warmly welcome all who come to our sales. Pray for the safety of our workers, and our shoppers. Elm Springs United Methodist Women love to host this event, and invite you to join us in our fun and outreach.

Donations are still being accepted! Tell your co workers, your friends, your family!

Mary Zimmerman
Elm Springs United Methodist Women
If you would like to volunteer or have any questions, contact Mary Z at (479) 601-1398.

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