July 2021, Volume 7
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More Phishing  
New phishing strategies continue to emerge as we continue to move out of the restrictions.   One of the more recent scams is receiving a realistic-looking email from Amazon that references an order for an expensive item (i.e. refrigerator, TV, etc.). 
They provide you with directions instructing you to reach out if you did not place this order.  They display a “Manage Order” button in the email, but it does nothing, so you immediately call the telephone number they provide.  When you call the number, you are directed to a live person pretending to be from Amazon.  They ask for your order number (from the email), name, and to verify your credit card details (to ensure your card is not charged).  Once they obtain/confirm your personal information and credit card, they hang up on you and block your number.
CAPTCHA (a program or system intended to distinguish human from machine input, typically as a way of thwarting spam and automated extraction of data from websites).  
Scammers use this form of phishing by providing a fake CAPTCHA on various sites to lull you into thinking this site is strongly protected by having you retype various letters and characters and then click on “Continue”.  The Continue button will lead you to a malicious site. 
Shopping behaviors are monitored and scammers will send you emails with fraudulent coupons to various retail sites you frequent.  Clicking on those coupons or entering a Gift Code will lead you to a malicious site that mirrors a legitimate retailer.  You enter all of your personal information to take advantage of that expensive power tool, beauty product, appliance, etc. you have been dying for that is now 50% off.  Now the scammers are in possession of all of your personal and credit card information.
You will receive an email with the subject line of something you recently purchased or searched.  A video will be embedded into the email.  However, the video will be paused and when you click on Play, you will be led to a malicious site.
Production Monitoring Software
With the increase in remote/hybrid teams, companies are struggling with strategies to ensure optimal production in a remote environment.  They ask themselves whether or not they know the numbers/data truly represent their best; are employees putting in 100%; how to identify true performance/training issues; or how to identify red flags when there are no benchmarks in the current environment.
So, emerges the question of how to manage production without creating a “Big Brother” atmosphere.  Production management software can be a very effective tool that can deliver meaningful results when introduced properly, with purpose, and in a manner that cannot be construed as “spying”.
1) Know Why You are Implementing this Tool

 - What is the vision for its use and impact?
 - What will you do with the data?
 - Will it identify bottlenecks, maximize opportunities, and identify distractions?
 - Will you also use it as a cybersecurity tool?
2) Priorities for Successful Roll-Out and Implementation

a) Limit monitoring to key projects, specific areas where data has shown either deceases or inconsistency in production.

b) Focus on Results.   Don’t analyze things like mouse-clicks or website activity.  Focus on setting clear expectations, what the goals are, and investigating why they were/were not achieved.

c) Include key team members in the roll-out and identification of data/processes to be reviewed.
3) Communication

a)  Communicate the purpose and process for production monitoring to the team.  Don’t make it a “secret”, as that will only foster mistrust and won’t build healthy teams.

b) Share the results with the team/managers and encourage their participation in the successes and problem-solving of obstacles and short-comings.


Windows 11
It was recently announced Windows 11:
  • Will have a new interface that may take some getting used to
  • Is a free upgrade for Windows 10 users
  • Will update visual icons and move the Start button to the bottom-center of the screen
Additional Information:
  • Windows 11 should be available in early 2022
  • 90% of Windows 10 PCs will meet the minimum requirements to install it
  • Windows 10 will still be supported by Microsoft through October 14th, 2025

How to Turn off the New Weather Bar in Windows 10
 - Right click at the bottom of the screen/taskbar (black section)
 - Hover over News and Interest
 - Select Turn Off

Keyboard Shortcuts on a Mac
COMMAND  I = Italicize
COMMAND  U = Underline
COMMAND  P = Print
COMMAND  V = Paste
COMMAND  A = Select All
COMMAND TAB = Switch Application
­­­­­Bookmarks – Keeping the Bar Tidy
1) When bookmarking an Internet site, select Save or Add Bookmark, or CONTROL/COMMAND + D

2) The site name will automatically populate; however, it may populate with a lengthy naming convention.

3) It is recommended you rename that site with a shorter, more succinct, name that will be easily referenced in the future.

                 Example: When you want to save your Disneyland login page,
                 it will display as: 

You may want to consider changing the name to:  “Disneyland Login” or “Disneyland”

4) You also have the option to just have the site icon show in the Bookmark Bar.  To do this, you would just save the site and delete site name when saving it.

5) You also have the option to set up Folders within the Bookmark option.  This will allow you to organize your saved sites by categories (i.e. Work, Travel, Kids, Medical, etc.).


Default Gateway - is a router that serves as an access point to another network

DNS - Domain Name System translates names into an IP addresses. For example, if your computer name is set to “BILL-PC,” then other computers could ask DNS for BILL-PC’s IP address.

FTP - File Transfer Protocol is a network protocol used to transfer data from one computer to another through a network. This is an accepted, deprecated protocol and is often replaced by Cloud-based file sharing services, or SFTP (Secure File Transfer Protocol)

Switch - is a device that connects network segments

Full Duplex - is a system that allows communication in both directions at the same time. Example, land-line phone. In network terms, this means two devices can speak to one another concurrently.

Half Duplex - is a system that allows communication in both directions by only in one direction at a time. Example, a "walkie-talkie" style two-way radio. In network terms, this means two devices can only speak one at a time.
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