The Climate Trust Newsletter: December 2015 Issue
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       Nothing But Clear Skies


California Can Reduce Dairy Methane Emissions And Keep the Livestock Carbon Offset Sector
- Matt Baird, as published by TriplePundit

On 9/30, California’s Air Resources Board released a draft of their Short-Lived Climate Pollutant Reduction Strategy. The Trust is concerned with how the Strategy proposes to change the regulation of CA dairy methane emissions, and therefore the Livestock Protocol used to incentivize dairy methane capture via generation of carbon credits at dairies across the US.


Preventing the Conversion of PNW Grasslands Offers Big Climate Benefits
- Mik McKee, as published by SBO

Driven by concerns over biodiversity losses, soil erosion, water pollution and carbon release, policy experts and conservationists sat beside farmers and ranchers for the third biennial conference on the conservation of America’s grasslands in Fort Collins, Colorado earlier this month. While the greatest rates and conversion to cropland are occurring in Midwestern states, the PNW is also undergoing its own conversion.



Impact and Opportunity for Emerging and Rural Communities

The changing climate brings a heightened impact on emerging and rural economies, but also opportunity.



REDD Offsets in California?

ARB recently presented a white paper on the possibility of including international sector based offsets in CA's cap and trade program.



Carbon Storage for Sale

MONGABAY looks at USDA grants promoting markets for 'ecosystem services.' An interview with The Climate Trust's Peter Weisberg.



A City Earns Revenue from Not Cutting its Timberland

NPR looks at The Climate Trust's innovative agreement with the City of Astoria to save their trees.

The Climate Trust shares our vision and supports responsible land use policies and management practices that generate environmental and climate benefits that meet the test of time.”

- Laurie Wayburn, Pacific Forest Trust

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The Climate Trust's Executive Director, Sean Penrith, is currently attending the UN Climate Change Conference 2015, Nov.30-Dec.11 in Paris, France. Leading up to this historic set of climate negotiations there have been signals that the world is finally taking climate action seriouslyPlease take a moment to read our Guide to the Paris Negotiations and discover why we have a renewed sense of hope for a stabilized climate.

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