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Nothing But Clear Skies


California Cap and Trade Invests in Equity
This fall, California solidified an ambitious and deep reduction strategy for greenhouse gas emissions. Environmental justice groups in California, however, are questioning whether or not the cap and trade system has adequately addressed equity issues.


Carbon Tax, Perhaps We Should Reconsider?
As climate change continues unabated, the calls grow for creating a financial incentive to reduce greenhouse gas emissions—namely placing a price on carbon. There are multiple ways to price carbon, with the method predominantly advocated for being a carbon tax.

Point of View

Dan Stonington, Northwest Natural Resource Group
Looking to the Next Century of Forest Conservation
This year has been the centennial celebration of what some have called America’s Greatest Idea: The National Parks. Indeed, for those of us lucky enough to have visited one, or to live close to many, as we do in the Pacific Northwest, it’s easy to see the truth in this title. The Parks embody a spirit of wildness, beauty, and vision that is quintessentially American.

The Climate Trust in the News

 Position Available: Accounting Coordinator
Hindsight on 2015 Predictions

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“I can’t think of a more important thing I can do today to avoid catastrophic economic and social disasters tomorrow, than participating in the creation of a conservation investment fund by an organization which has set the gold-standard in the carbon credit selection and contracting process for decades. World-wide climate change solutions must include an array of mechanisms, include caps and reductions combined with a vigorous cap and trade market, and The Climate Trust has been a leading light in the kind of carbon credit and offset creation, management, and marketing activities that point to a constructive path to sustainable mechanisms for greenhouse gas emission reductions and controls.” 
-Neal Sacon, BigLava LLC
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