The Climate Trust Newsletter: January 2015 Issue
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January 2015 Newsletter


Top 10 Carbon Market Predictions
for 2015 from The Climate Trust
-The Climate Trust Team

The Climate Trust announced its second annual prediction list of 10 carbon market trends to watch in 2015. The trends, which range from increased climate change adaptation measures at the state and city-level to new protocols for agriculture and forestry, were identified by The Climate Trust based on interactions with their diverse group of working partners—government, utilities, project developers and large businesses. “We’re excited to once again look at the overall market with fresh eyes and identify areas of potential movement and growth.”


The Climate Trust Marks Progress with its Third Five-Year Report
-Sean Penrith

I had the pleasure of attending the presentation of our third five-year report by our director of programs, Sheldon Zakreski,  to the Oregon Energy Facility Siting Council in Hermiston late November. The Climate Trust's five-year report, “Plowing New Pathways: Developing Quality Offsets in a Maturing Market,” commends Oregon for having the foresight to enact a law that helps promote in-state economic development of innovative projects that mitigate climate change and preserve the environment for generations to come.



Our 2014 Donors Made all the Difference. Thank You!

- Kasey Krifka



Carbon Markets Can Support Healthy Rivers

- Christine Yankel


EPA AgSTAR Partnership

- Kasey Krifka



[AUDIO] Entrepreneurs Find Ways To Make Money From Carbon Emissions

- NPR Interview with Sean Penrith

"The Climate Trust plays a key role as the energy industry looks for best options to meet environmental commitments while providing safe, reliable and cost-effective electric service to customers."

- Pat Reiten, Pacific Power


Carbon Market California: A Comprehensive Analysis of the Golden State’s Cap-and-Trade Program, Year Two report.

- Environmental Defense Fund


Track Record

2 million

Tons greenhouse gas reduced

$24.1 million

Committed to projects


Active projects

4.7 million

Tons of expected emission reductions



Climate Leadership Conference link

Feb 23-25, Washington, D.C.

Meet with Dick Kempka
Sean Penrith


Portland-Kunming EcoPartnership link

April 13-17, Kunming, China

Meet with Sean Penrith

Navigating the American Carbon World link

April 28-30, Los Angeles, CA

Meet with Dick KempkaSheldon Zakreski
Sean Penrith

Welcoming a New Team Member

The Trust is excited to welcome Mik McKee as our new Senior Project Analyst and forestry expert! Mik has a Masters degree in forestry from Yale and was formerly with the Alaska Fire Service.

The Trust is also hiring for an Administrative Assistant and a Data Application Analyst Intern. Join our dynamic team today!
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