The Climate Trust Newsletter: October 2014 Issue
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October 2014 Newsletter


Refined Purpose, Bold New Look!
-Kasey Krifka

The Climate Trust team is delighted to unveil a new look today, including a redesigned website that showcases our meaningful work and underscores our role as a quality leader in the carbon market. But this isn’t just about updating our look, we are proud to announce a refined business model, offering greater potential for impact through investments in critical early-stage projects and the winning people behind them. We believe our new website and blog raises our visual identity to match the caliber of our ambitious new objectives and underscores the importance of our mission and the innovative work that happens daily at The Trust.


The straight poop: When a City Dweller Visits Digesters on the Oregon Coast
-Kathryn Thomsen

For those of you who haven’t traveled Highway 26 from Portland, over the short mountain pass to the Oregon coast, Tillamook is a place of pastoral dairy farms where cows outnumber people, and the ocean breeze mingles with straw and other earthy scents. It’s also the site of several dairy biogas projects designed to reduce greenhouse gas emissions by diverting cow manure to anaerobic digesters where the methane is combusted. With boots and a strong stomach, this city dweller recounts a pivotal day for the Tillamook and Misty Meadow manure digester projects—their first verification site visit.



Carbon Offset Standards—Look How Far We've Come

- Kathryn Thomsen



Carbon for Conservation: Avoided Conversion of our Forests

- Christine Yankel


Carbon Credit Projects FAQ: Agriculture

- Teresa Koper



[AUDIO] Interview with Sean Penrith on EPA's 111(d) Rule

- By Dustin Mattison

"The Bank and The Climate Trust have shared values that include encouraging social and environmental change through our impact investments in Oregon, Washington and California communities. We are proud to share a common mission that is focused on sustainable solutions that endure."

- Kat Taylor, Co-Founder & CEO, Beneficial State Bank

Track Record

1.9 million

Tons greenhouse gas reduced

$21.4 million

Committed to projects


Active projects

4.4 million

Tons of expected emission reductions



Nov 5-6, Washington, D.C.

Meet with Teresa KoperElizabeth Hardee & Sean Penrith

Climate Leadership Conference

Feb 23-25, Washington, D.C.

Meet with Dick Kempka
Sean Penrith

Navigating the American Carbon World

April 28-30, Los Angeles, CA

Meet with Dick Kempka
Sean Penrith

Seeking Applicants for Forestry Role

The Climate Trust is seeking a forestry expert for a Senior Project Analyst role with our quickly growing nonprofit. This is an exciting opportunity to work on innovative climate change solutions.
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