Issue #164

Welcome to issue 164 of the React Native Newsletter!

In this issue, we have two Expo-related Top Picks; a Tweet announcing the release of a stable version of the Expo Modules API, and an article demonstrating a way to use the file-based Expo-router to download server-side React Native components.

We also highlight two Tweets about React Native Testing Library. One describes new Jest accessibility matchers and the other announces a new set of *byRole queries. 

Tune in to this week's video message from the editor-in-chief, Jon Major Condon, to hear all about the latest in React Native!

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This week's top picks

For each issue, we select 4 articles/Tweets,/docs from your submissions and suggestions from Infinite Red’s team of engineers that we feel are interesting and informative to React Native developers.

Stable version of the Expo Modules API is finally out!

The details of this exciting development are in this Twitter thread, including nuggets of goodness such as using JSI to bypass the bridge, why it's designed for Kotlin and Swift rather than Objective-C/C++ or Java, and how it supports Fabric out of the box thanks to renderer-agnostic native views.  

Expo-router and remote code

This article shows a clever technique for downloading server-side React Native components via Expo Router and the react-native-wormhole module. It provides a link to the author's monorepo that demonstrates how to do it yourself.

Tweet about the toHaveAccessibilityValue() matcher for React Native Testing Library

Jest accessibility matchers in React Native Testing Library are now out! This is a big step in making A11y a first class citizen and something that is expected rather than a bonus. You can read about the PR in jest-native here.

Tweet about *byRole Queries with name option for React Native Testing Library

This Tweet announces new, more expressive *byRole queries in the React Native Testing Library. Read more about them in the API Reference Docs.


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Community highlights

We select 2 open source React Native projects/libraries/node modules/components from your submissions and suggestions from Infinite Red's team of engineers that enhance your React Native apps or offer instructive source code examples.

React Native Calendar Kit

This is a fully featured React Native calendar component. It supports pinch to zoom and drag-and-drop to create/update event. There are a number of library dependencies required to use it, but installation instructions are provided for both vanilla and Expo React Native projects.


Maestro is a simple and effective mobile UI testing framework. The key to its effectiveness is that typically flaky/unreliable aspects of UI tests such as shifting positions of components, tap events not going through, and delays to load content, are expected - and embraced - by Maestro.  

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RNR 251 - Examining React Native 0.70
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RNR 252 - Ionic's React Native Portals with Josh Thomas

Ionic’s Josh Thomas joins the podcast to talk about their new React Native Portals feature, allowing for highly performant microfrontends in React Native apps....
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