Issue #157

This week's issue features articles about the release of Expo SDK 46 and how Mercari rewrote their app from the ground up with React Native.

Tune in to this week's video message from the editor-in-chief, Jon Major Condon to hear all about the latest in React Native!

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This week's top picks

Mercari Blog: Our React Native Evolution
Expo SDK 46
Accessibility as a First-Class Citizen with React Native AMA
An Exciting Update to Discord for Android

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Community highlights

React Native Travel App
React Native AMA

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RNR 242 - Inspecting React Native 0.69

In this episode, Mazen and Robin dive into the latest release of React Native - Version 69!! They dive into what's changed and whats new in this version, along with attempting to discuss sportsball.

RNR 243 - We React To News: There's No List like FlashList!

It’s been a while since we’ve done a “We React to News”! In this episode, we react to Shopify’s FlashList, Callstack’s Reassure, and more.
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