Issue #150

This week's issue features articles comparing Flutter to React Native, how to mock RTK Query API requests for testing your React Native app, and a look at the just-released React v18.0.

Tune in to this week's video message from the editor-in-chief, Jon Major Condon to hear all about the latest in React Native!

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This week's top picks

Flutter is better than React Native (in all the ways that don't matter)
How to reduce React Native app size
Sending Push Notifications To React Native Using Firebase
React v18.0
Mocking RTK Query API with Mock Service Worker for testing React Native apps
Setting up Aliases in React Native

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Ethereum Wallet React Native

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RNR 229 - Building an Expo App for Mobile and Web with Josh Justice

Jamon, Robin, and Mazen talk with former RNR host, Josh Justice, about building an Expo App for Mobile and Web. We also found out that Jamon is the only one who likes ski'ing.


RNR 230 - We React to News

It's that time again! Jamon and Robin react to news. This episode includes plenty of laughs Jamon's most recent "mistake", along with the latest news in the world of React Native....
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React Native videos

ToDo List Expo React Native App with Firebase Authentication and Firestore NoSQL Database

React Native Native Modules Using Swift

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