Issue 163

This week's issue features an article about the release of Expo SDK 47 and two articles examining the onViewableItemsChanged FlatList prop.

Welcome to issue 163 of the React Native Newsletter!

In issue 162, we highlighted the announcement of the beta version of Expo SDK 47. Two weeks later, we are pleased to feature the official release of Expo SDK 47 in Top Picks. This is a major step forward in Expo support for the New Architecture, 

Also in Top Picks, we've selected two articles that approach the topic of implementing onViewableItemsChanged in a FlatList from different angles. The first article (Implementing a component visibility sensor with React Native) shows how it's used to create components that observe and respond to events when list items appear and disappear from the viewport. The second article (Understand onViewableItemsChanged in FlatList) takes a deep dive into this FlatList prop and how it works, accompanied by illustrative diagrams and plenty of code examples. 

I hope you enjoy this issue of the React Native Newsletter! 

Jon Major Condon
Jon Major, Editor-in-chief

This week's top picks

For each issue, we select 4 articles/Tweets,/docs from your submissions and suggestions from Infinite Red’s team of engineers that we feel are interesting and informative to React Native developers.
Expo SDK 47
Expo's long awaited SDK 47 is out of beta! This article describes its many features in detail, including Expo Modules API 1.0, built on JSI and designed to make development of native modules easier than ever. Advancements toward the New Architecture includes support for React Native 0.70.5 & React 18.1.
Open Native
This Tweet announces Open Native, which vendor-unlocks React Native native modules for use in other cross-platform frameworks and calls native APIs 7-8x faster. The discussion is interesting to read, so check it out before heading over to the linked Github Repo.
Implementing a component visibility sensor with React Native
One of two articles on the challenges of implementing 

Understand onViewableItemsChanged in FlatList
Second article about onViewableItemsChanged, with well-designed diagrams throughout to make the concepts clear.

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Community highlights

We select 2 open source React Native projects/libraries/node modules/components from your submissions and suggestions from Infinite Red's team of engineers that enhance your React Native apps or offer instructive source code examples.
React Native Vision Camera
This library provides useful device camera functionality such as Photo, Video, and Snapshot capture, smooth zoom in/out animation, and a powerful plugin architecture that adds AI features such as object detection and facial recognition.
React Native Use File Upload
A hook for uploading files using multipart form data with React Native. Provides a simple way to track upload progress, abort an upload, and handle timeouts. Written in TypeScript and no dependencies required.

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RNR 251 - Examining React Native 0.70

In this episode, Mazen and Robin review RN 0.70 to see what's new, what's broken, and everything in between. Mazen also continues his quest to get Robin hooked on sports-ball....

RNR 250 - React Native Firebase: TL;DR;

Regardless if you're a junior developer, or a seasoned code wizard, you're going to love this episode! Today, the hosts walk through React Native Firebase and it's amazing capabilities.
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