Issue #154

This week's issue features articles about making React and React Native development feel the same with Legend Motion and Tailwind CSS, faster JavaScript builds with Metro, and a super fast bundler for React Native: react-native-esbuild.

Tune in to this week's video message from the editor-in-chief, Jon Major Condon to hear all about the latest in React Native!

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This week's top picks

Announcing TypeScript 4.7
React and React Native Finally Feel the Same
Faster JavaScript Builds with Metro
Super Fast Bundler for React Native: react-native-esbuild
Create High-Performance Graphics with React Native Skia
How to Implement SSL Certificate Pinning in React Native

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dripsy - Style once, run anywhere
React Native Bouncy Checkbox

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RNR 236 - Reanimated 2 with Krzystof Magiera

Jamon and Mazen are joined by Krzysztof Magiera, Director of engineering at Software Mansion to talk about all things Reanimated 2, and beyond....

RNR 237 - React Native on Desktop

In this episode Robin and Mazen hold down the fort while Jamon is gone and talk about their experiences with using React Native for desktop apps.
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Gant Laborde and Jamon Holmgren: React Native 2022 & Beyond

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