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It doesn’t take a degree in finance to know that the key to improving portfolio performance is diversification. Which is why when we learned that art has outperformed the S&P by over 180% since 2000 with little of the downside risk—we’re bound to take notice. Really, none of this should surprise us. The ultra-wealthy have collected art for centuries—but what about the rest of us? Well, we have good news to report: Masterworks is an exclusive members only platform that lets anyone (yes you) buy and trade shares of multimillion-dollar paintings by artists like Banksy, Monet, Basquiat, and more. The only catch? There’s currently a backlog of over 25,000 of people applying for membership, but subscribers of Stella Spoils can bypass the waitlist and skip to the front of the line by signing up today!
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Everything went exactly to plan. Late on the evening of 29 January 2017, Daniel David and Victor Opariuc parked up and made their way towards the Frontier Forwarding customs warehouse in Feltham, less than a mile from Heathrow. After cutting a hole in the fence, the men made their way to the side of the building and scaled a wall to the roof. There, they cut through a skylight and lowered themselves on to shelving inside the building. The warehouse burglar alarms stayed silent; the men had carefully avoided tripping motion sensors positioned by the doors.

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