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Indonesia | Moorea, French Polynesia

Salvador, Brazil

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With a heavy hint of smoke and heat from morita chipotle chilis, combined with the silky smooth sweetness of organic premium American honey, Runamok's infused honey is a tabletop wizard here to compliment and elevate the tastes on your plate – both sweet and savory – with the perfect balance of really, really good ingredients and zero additives or preservatives. Available below.

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W H A T    W E ' R E    R E A D I N G

Silicon Valley’s favorite politician, Miami mayor Francis Suarez, has many lures to dangle when he’s wooing techies to relocate to his city. There’s the old sugar: low taxes and the Florida sun. As I sat across from him in his office at city hall on a recent afternoon, Suarez was telling a Zoom grid of fellow mayors that the view behind him — a vista of swaying palms, rocking boats, and gleaming water — was “not a virtual background.” The traditional charms have only been amplified in the COVID era: If you can work from anywhere, why not go where you can afford a better house for less, where you can be outside 365 days a year, where your favorite restaurants are opening outposts, where you don’t feel judged for your hustle?

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