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Bali, Indonesia

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Crafted with love by a team of San Francisco adventure-lovers for everyday explorers, Sunski blends the spirit of the outdoors with the style of the city.  Each pair is designer quality, polarized, and at a price that doesn't break the bank. Sunskis come with a lifetime warranty, and 1% of all sales are donated to environmental causes! With shades for every face and occasion, you'll feel great wearing them. Bring them along for your next epic adventure or turn heads at the farmer's market. Take a look at their holiday sale below.
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P A R T N E R   S P O I L S
Our friends at Casper have been loyal supporters this year of both our fine newsletter as well as our sleeping essentials. When we made the move from New York to Los Angeles the first house upgrade we made were a few sets of mattresses and pillows. Truthfully we haven't picked up much else yet but that's mostly attributed to laziness and a busy travel schedule. Quick refresher: Casper's mattresses are made from a cloud-like memory foam, ship for free, and you have 100 days no questions asked to try it out. Send it back for a full refund if it's not for you. If you've been having trouble sleeping this is an easy upgrade to start your new year right.
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W H A T    W E ' R E    R E A D I N G

“They say that people in America like mezcal a lot,” says Fortunato Angeles, leaning on a wooden tank of fermenting agave. “I like the work because it puts food on the table.” Four generations of his ancestors have distilled the smoky spirit from ripe maguey, or agave, toiling under the Oaxacan sun in southern Mexico to provide the fuel for festivals and family celebrations in the village of San Juan del Rio. Angeles rubs a drop of his juice on his palms, cupping them around his nose to check the quality of his product. The first whiff of the potent spirit is pure alcohol, but then richer, caramel and fruit flavors bloom. “It’s the work I learned when I was a little boy,” says Angeles, looking out from the palenque, or mezcal distillery, where he roasts, crush, ferments, and distills alongside his uncle, Arnulfo, and two other maestro mezcaleros.

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