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Polignano a Mare, Italy

The Sea Ranch, Sonoma County, CA

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If you aren’t familiar with the wildly popular Instagram account @dailyoverview, now’s your chance to get acquainted. The account offers a photographic journey that gives us all a new perspective on our planet, featuring breathtaking images of Earth’s surface, from colorful quilts of tulip fields in Lisse, Netherlands to the country’s largest coal shipping facility and more. This week author Benjamin Grant launches his first-ever book, Overview: A New Perspective on Earth, which includes 288 pages of the high-res satellite images Daily Overview is known for.  Organized by major themes, such as Where We… Harvest, Live, Play, Move, Waste, Design, etc, this book speaks to the wanderlust and curiosity in us all. Add a dose of awe-inspiring beauty to your coffee table collection below. 
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Playlist: Autograf for SPOILS

"Hey there! We're musical and art trio Autograf and we've put this playlist together exclusively for SPOILS readers. We're excited to share a collection of some of the tunes we've been listening to while on our North American bus tour with Goldroom! Touring can be hectic and in between traveling from city to city, these are the tunes of what we will put on and chill out to. We hope you enjoy!"
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A good photographer knows when something should be photographed. They see it. That’s what Daniel Krieger says. The celebrated food photographer — who has shot nearly 100 assignments for The New York Times, alongside his work for Food & Wineand Bon Appétit — is well practiced in the art of food photography, including social media’s shot à la mode: the top-down photo. “That’s a technique that I think Instagram started — and it’s because of the iPhone,” Krieger said, who maintains that every camera and lens has a sweet spot. For the iPhone, it’s top-down photos. When everything in frame is perfectly symmetrical, the light is even, and the color temperature is perfect — that’s when the iPhone’s camera really excels.

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