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Raglan, New Zealand

Aegea Blue Cycladic Resort, Zorgos, Greece

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Meet Parcel, a new service created to help the hopelessly addicted (or slightly frazzled) online shopper in all of us manage the things we're thinking of buying. Instead of the 100 tabs you have open in your web browser or those bookmarks folders you'll never open again or that useless mood board, you can now simply save each item to your Parcel account as you browse the web and curate your potential purchases all in one beautiful place. Save your items in categories and create checklists to curb your impulse buys and track your spending. Parcel is easy to use, private, and definitely not another flavor of the month social network begging you to share or trying to sell you stuff. Put simply, it's here to help you help yourself, and, quite literally, "get your shit together." Take a look.
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W H A T    W E ' R E    R E A D I N G

Anthony Bourdain is already sitting in a corner booth when I walk into Sakagura, a Japanese bar in the basement of an office building in midtown Manhattan. Bourdain, I will come to learn, turns early arrivals into a competitive sport—no matter how well you plan, he will be there before you. This might seem like compulsively considerate behavior from a notorious hard-liver like Bourdain, a man whose public personality is tied up with late-night benders, foulmouthed frankness, and consuming such a staggering variety of food that he’s something like the Library of Congress of eating. If anybody is allowed to show up late for a night of sake and sashimi, it’s Bourdain.

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