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Long Beach, CA

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We have found your new favorite skinny jean from Mott & Bow. Trendy denim is fun, but everyone needs that essential skinny jean that pairs perfectly with different footwear (these are the jeans for your over-the-knee boots) and can transition from day to night this holiday season. Mott & Bow jeans are comfy, contouring, and cost half that of comparable brands because of their direct-to-consumer model. What we really love is that you can find the perfect fit with their home try-on program by getting a second size shipped for free. The've also just launched four new styles this weekend and everything on the site is eligible for Black Friday savings all week - check them out.
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When we meet the unnamed narrator in Zadie Smith's new novel Swing Time, her life has just fallen apart. She's holed up alone in a rented apartment and dodging swarms of paparazzi on her front step. Her personal life is all over the news, and that fact is the first insight readers get to the extreme places this book will go. Her first response to the upheaval is to turn off her phone. "I had been offline for seventy-two hours and can remember feeling that this should be counted among the great examples of personal stoicism and moral endurance of our times," she comments. A page later she describes the victim of a mugging who almost drowns in the freezing waters of the Thames. She feels a kinship with this man, and it shows just how aware she is of her own lack of moral endurance.

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