Flash Fun Q:  How much was Judah paid to betray Jesus?
Vol. 20 | 5-4-16

My son was invited to play in a 7-on-7 football tournament on Saturday, and the team he joined won it with a touchdown pass on the last play of the championship game.

As exciting as that final play was, what happened next will stick with me.

The quarterback's dad gathered the team and said, "Let's pray it out. Who wants to go?"

With no self-consciousness or trepidation, four kids proceeded to give thanks for several blessings, including a fun day, a great coach, nice weather, and no injuries.

Noticeably absent from the prayers was any mention of the victory.

These kids won with talent on the field. They won me over with their humility and perspective off it.

Still smiling,

Flash Fun A:  30 pieces of silver (Matthew 26:15)

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The winning 7-on-7 team. Watching them win the tournament on the last play of the championship game was awesome. Even better was seeing how they handled the moment.

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