Flash Fun Q: On what island was Paul shipwrecked as he made his way to Rome?
Vol. 31 | 8-3-16

So we were in Colorado on vacation last week, and I was on one of my morning hikes firing off questions at God.

Am I in the right job?
Am I where you want me to be?
Will we be safe whitewater rafting this afternoon?

Next thing I know, as I'm crossing a bridge a color catches my eye. I lean down to see what it is.

I got the answer to all my questions.

And it stoned me to my soul,

Flash Fun A:  Malta (Acts 27-28)

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TTFG: Winter Park, CO (7-29-16)
TTFG Spot of the Week
Winter Park, CO
This was my view after one of my morning hikes in Colorado. What a great way to start the day. Give it a look-see. I hope you agree.  (What is TTFG?)
Lauren Daigle - Trust In You
"Trust in You"
Lauren Daigle
It may sound like Adele singing about faith, but this is really a young artist named Lauren Daigle. Here she gives the background to this awesome song.

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