Flash Fun Q:  Who wrote this line: "The Lord is my shepherd; I shall not want."
Vol. 22 | 5-18-16

I had the pleasure of being a guest in a team golf tournament in South Carolina the last three days, and I'm sharing some of the moments I captured with my iPhone.

Normally I judge success by how well I shoot on the course, but this week I was happy with how much time I took to appreciate God's blessings all around me.

Unfortunately, in golf you don't post videos. You have to post scores.

The videos are posted on YouTube.

Not sure what I did with our scorecards.


Flash Fun A:  King David (Psalm 23)

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Harbor River - Okatie, South Carolina
TTFG Spot of the Week #1
Harbor River - Okatie, SC
The boat dock at Chechessee Creek Club provided a great spot for spending time with God...and dolphins! (What is TTFG?)
Chechessee Creek Club #12 (5-17-16)
Chechessee Creek Golf Club #12
This was taken Tuesday morning before the round started. This is the signature hole with a forced carry over marshland.
Chechessee Creek Club #18 (5-17-16)
TTFG Spot of the Week #3
Chechessee Creek Club #18
Tuesday morning after the tournament was washed out. This is what 30% chance of rain looks like in South Carolina.
Up In The Clouds (5-17-16)
Somewhere Above America
I've always had a fascination with clouds, so I thought I'd capture some up close on the plane ride home.

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