Flash Fun Q:  Under Joshua's direction how many total times did the Israelites circle Jericho before the walls came down?

It is estimated March Madness will cost businesses close to $2 billion in lost productivity due to workers filling out brackets and watching games.

What if we could create a turnover and channel that fan passion into increased productivity for the Kingdom?

(drum roll...)

From my suggestions bracket I present my Final Four:

Bible Bedlam: Imagine convincing the 60 million U.S. residents who fill out brackets to memorize a new Bible verse each of the 10 days of the tournament. By my math that would be almost 600 million verses of scripture committed to memory.

Discipling Delirium: See how many Kingdom assists you can rack up during the tourney by dishing out your testimony to as many as will listen.

Fellowship Frenzy: Invite friends over for a Mute Madness party, where you put the games on mute and engage in Christ-centered conversation for a half.

Lenten Lunacy: If we could get those same 60 million fans to give up watching just one game and instead volunteer during those two hours, we would post up 120 million hours of service.

Which is your favorite to advance (the Kingdom)?

Sooners rather than later,

P.S. If you follow my game plan for Lent just think how many guys named Kent we could get to church during the tournament! (See Flash - Vol. 8 for a refresher.)

Flash Fun A:  13. Once a day for six days and seven times on the seventh day.  (Joshua 6)

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TTFG: White Rock Lake Boat Dock (3-14-16)
TTFG Spot of the Week
White Rock Lake Boat Dock
I'm becoming a big fan of quieting my mind while staring at scenic reflections on the water. I tend to walk away from spots like this inspired.  (What is TTFG?)
Here's one of the good guys in hoops. This speech contains refreshing humility, gratitude to God, and a tremendous tribute to his mom. (Have a tissue handy.)

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