Flash Fun Q:  A football field is how many cubits long?
Super Bowl week has me thinking. Why do people prioritize the NFL over worship on Sundays?

I wonder if church services would have higher attendance if they were more like NFL games.

Imagine if...

Collection baskets were spiked triumphantly.

Pastors mimicked the championship belt after successful sermons.

Choir singers jumped-and-bumped between songs.

Baptisms turned into Gatorade baths.

Congregations chanted "You can't do that!" (Clap-clap. Clap-clap-clap.) if someone tried to leave early.

You always saw a guy in a rainbow wig with a "Vikings 6: Steelers 16" sign.


Maybe I need to dial back the strength of my coffee.

Luke 20:2...Luke 20:2...Hut Hut!
Flash Fun A:  200 (1 cubit = 18 inches)

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