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Holy mackerel!! Eddie Sheppard and Xavier Dunn quickly sprung into action and swapped their bottom baits for stick baits, after noticing nearby bird action while fishing near Rottnest Island. The two mates were anticipating tuna, but were pleasantly surprised when they hooked into some decent shark mackerel! Eddie and Xavier managed to snap these ripper photos - awesome stuff, fellas!
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We've recently added in three new exciting features to make your fishing report even bigger and better with 'Scott's Spots' from  renowned fishing writer and Western Angler editor Scott Coghlan taking a look at some of WA's best fishing locations; in the 'West Aussie Ultimate Angler' series we've teamed up with our partners Shimano to give you some of their experts' hot tips to take your fishing to the next level and in Tackle Shop Talk you'll get to know better some of the unsung heroes of the fishing community - your local tackle dealer. We hope you enjoy this additional content.

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Pic of the Week!

This week's pic of the week goes to angler, Adam Zoccoli. Adam went out with Exmouth's On Strike Charters and managed to land this absolute weapon of a Spanish mackerel, tipping the scales at 18kg. This is definitely worthy of the top spot in this week's fishing report. Amazing work!

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Broome Catches
Broome Fishing Club uploaded this great photo of Will Burns with a coral trout measuring about 63cm and was shot in about 10m of water. Great stuff, Will!


Sailfish continue to be encountered in waters off Barred Creek and towards James Price Point. Spanish mackerel have been caught on rigged garfish and bibbed minnows trolled in waters between 16km and 20km off-shore, while schools of longtail tuna can be found near shoals of baitfish. Reef fishers have been picking up plenty of coral trout in a range of depths. Bluelined emperor, saddletail seaperch and red emperor have also been among the species caught out wide.

UPDATE: Get your rods and reels ready, Broome fishers, the FADs are in and ready for action! The Reel Teaser Fishing Adventures crew deployed the four FADs at the weekend to launch the anticipated Broome trial. Deployed as part of Recfishwest's State-wide FAD trial program, and funded by the Recreational Fishing Initiatives Fund (RFIF), the Broome devices are the most ground-breaking yet given the closest device is based just 5km from the shore. Check out the coordinates here!

Shore based

Sportfishing enthusiasts have been catching queenfish and varieties of trevally, including golden and small GTs, on poppers and stick baits near the port and from the rocky headlands. Threadfin and bluenose can be targeted at the creek mouths and adjacent beaches. Mangrove jack, estuary cod and the odd barramundi have been caught on baits and lures within the local creeks.
Exmouth Catches
Dennis Bryan-Smith with a beautiful red emperor caught on a fishing trip near Long Island, north of Exmouth. What an absolute stonker!


Black marlin have been encountered between the 100m and 200m contours together with the odd sailfish and wahoo. More wahoo have been caught near the FADs (click here for coordinates), which have big numbers of dolphinfish nearby at times. Spanish mackerel catches have remained steady behind the west coast reef line and the upper areas of the gulf. Reef fishers have been catching red emperor, Rankin cod and spangled emperor in 40m to 90m of water.

Shore based

Queenfish can be targeted on spin and fly during an incoming tide at VLF Bay and Old Bundegi. Golden and small giant trevally are being found along the west coast accesses together with dart and a few queenfish. Spangled emperor are a chance near the lighthouse early morning and at night. Try the marina and Learmonth Jetty for squid.

Scott’s Spots - Albany, the spot with something for everyone

Scott Coghlan loves to target the great black bream found in Albany's river systems.
This week in Scott's Spots, Scott Coghlan takes us to his hometown, Albany, to tell us all about the awesome fishing on offer in such a beautiful part of WA. Fishing land-based, from the boat or on the kayak, Albany has something for everyone to enjoy. Read what Scott has to say here.
Kalbarri Catches


Spanish mackerel have been caught on minnow-style lures and rigged whole baits, including garfish and mullet, trolled north and south of the river mouth. Yellowfin and longtail tuna have been a little hard to come by. However, there are quite a few Samson fish, with a penchant for trolled baits and lures, around at the moment. Soft plastic and metal jigs worked near the cliffs have been enticing baldchin groper, pink snapper and coral trout to strike. The lumps located in 30m to 50m of water north-west of town have been producing mixed catches of red emperor, dhufish and spangled emperor.

Shore based

Tailor have been caught on baits and lures at the river mouth together with the odd mulloway. More mulloway have been coming from the lower and upper reaches of the Murchison River where black bream and estuary cod are also being caught. Garfish numbers are increasing at Jakes and Red Bluff, while herring have remained in good quantities right at both spots. Baldchin groper, pink snapper and spangled emperor were among the species caught at the coastal gorges when conditions were suitable.
Geraldton Catches
"If the Abrolhos had to be famous for one fish, these guys would be it," said Ado, from Salty Bones Gyotaku, after he landed a some nice baldchin groper during his trip to the islands. Great stuff!


Dinghy and kayak fishers have continued to do well on herring, skippy and squid around the inshore waters. Pink snapper have been found in schools north of the fairway markers as well as at some of the lumps off Drummonds and the western edge of Pensioner Bank. Dhufish, mostly in the 50cm to 60cm range, were picked up near African Reef and West Bank. Spanish mackerel were found in very good numbers at Wreck Point last week, but unfortunately so were the sharks.

Shore based

Surf fishers had to contend with big swells and large deposits of seaweed at the northern and southern beaches. Consequently, catches have been slim with only a few tailor, the odd small mulloway and a few herring coming from the Flat Rocks to Greenough River mouth stretch and the beaches north of Drummond Cove. The beaches closer to town, and the local rock walls, have been producing chopper tailor and whiting. Estuary cod are sometimes being caught from the marina rock walls, which have been producing squid at night. The deep gutters and reef holes at Horrocks and Coronation would be worth trying for pink snapper, while dhufish are a chance at West Bank and Lucys.
Lancelin Catches
Peter Fullarton managed to get out at the weekend and float some pilchards down a burley trail on the White Bank for some pink snapper with Kirk Dewar. In addition to this ripper pinkie, more photos of Peter and Kirk's ripper catches can be found at the Fishing Lancelin Area Facebook page!


Over the new moon weekend, boats chasing demersal species were reporting much better results than the past few weeks. Fishers reported filling a bag limit without too much effort from a range of depths from 30m. Bags were filled with a mix of baldchin, breaksea cod, pink snapper and dhufish, some of which ranging in the 20kg class. There have been numbers of pink snapper and big winter skippy, measuring more than 50cm, along the White Bank.

Shore based

The beaches have been difficult to fish due to lots of seaweed. Even so, there were some great mulloway caught over the new moon with fish averaging in the 15kg to 20kg range. Pink snapper have been caught along the beaches as well, though most of the spots which are known to be productive are weeded out. The bays’ beaches are starting to fish well with sand whiting, tarwhine, herring and tailor. There are plenty of pilchard along the shore break through the bay. The pick of the spots is the southern beach, near the sea rescue, where fish have been eagerly taking baits and small soft plastic lures. The jetty is fishing very well for some good size sand whiting by day, with herring, skippy, pike and squid coming on during the evenings. Be sure to measure the skippy, as most are around the legal limit.

West Aussie Ultimate Angler Series

On Strike Charters from Exmouth have been putting their clients onto some terrific fish lately.
WA has a range of fishing charter options available depending on what you're seeking. Maybe you're looking for some sportfishing action or would like to take home some fish for the table, or mark that catch of your bucketlist. Whatever you're chasing, its important to do your research before hand to get the most of your trip. Check out what our partner Shimano has to say about getting the best bang for your buck here.
Esperance Catches


Dinghy and small boat fishers have been catching plenty of herring and squid within the bay. Crews who worked the waters near the islands caught blue groper, breaksea cod and sweep. Samson fish and yellowtail kingfish have been responding to baits and lures worked near the surface around the islands. Nannygai to 55cm, dhufish to 85cm and pink snapper were among the species caught out wide.

Shore based

The Taylor Street Jetty has herring and skippy on offer during the day, while squid and garfish have been on the surface near the structure at night. Bandy Creek boat harbour is worth a visit, following reports of flathead to 45cm. Black bream and small King George whiting have been caught from the rocks in reasonable numbers during the past fortnight. Salmon have been caught in their ones and twos at Fourth Beach, Salmon Beach and Nine Mile. Skippy to an impressive 5kg have been landed at Roses, while Fourteen Mile has been producing quite a few gummy sharks. Mulloway in the 65cm to 70cm range and big skippy have been landed at Thomas River. Salmon and bronze whaler sharks were caught at Duke of Orleans Bay and Poison Creek.
Albany Catches
Gido from Gidos Fishing Adventures managed to head out and catch a few good dhufish during an epic session on the south coast.


Reef fishing fanatics picked up most of their catches of red, queen and pink snapper, breaksea cod and dhufish in waters between 22km to 25km from shore. The waters to the east, including those off Parrys and Peaceful Bay, and the ground out from Cheyenes Beach and Bremer Bay seem to be producing better catches of dhuies. King George whiting catches inshore have been mixed with some managing to achieve their bag limits and others spending many hours on the water and catching very few fish. Herring and juvenile salmon have been caught on small lures trolled inshore. Squid and sand whiting are also around in fair numbers. A southern bluefin tuna weighing 25kg was apparently caught off one of the headlands this past week.

Shore based

The big school of salmon present at Reef Beach a fortnight ago has remained along the coast there for another week. Smaller schools of salmon have been turning up at Bluff Creek, Cheynes Beach, Nanarup, Fosters, Shelleys and at the beach at Salmon Holes. Herring are plentiful right along the coast and there are some nice skippy being caught in the deep gutters and reef holes. Rock fishers landed Samson fish and yellowtail kingfish at the platforms near West Cape Howe. Most of the rivers located along the south coast, including the King and Kalgan, are still relatively clear. This means black bream are scattered throughout the systems rather than being concentrated in certain areas. Mulloway on the other hand are mostly being encountered in the upper reaches.
South West Catches
Mike Robinson was stoked with this gorgeous queen snapper, which he released, near Walpole. Look at those colours!


Pink snapper and dhufish are sometimes being caught in less than 12m of water within Geographe Bay. The 30m contour seems to be the starting point for both species, as well as breaksea cod, queen snapper and red snapper, off the west coast. Schools of small southern bluefin tuna are still being encountered offshore. Some nice King George whiting have been coming from 5m to 15m of water off Eagle Bay, Quindalup and Abbey Beach. The seagrass beds in shallower waters have been yielding good catches of squid.

Shore based

Salmon continue to be caught along the west coast and Geographe Bay beaches with Hamelin Bay, Smiths Beach, Bunker Bay and Eagle Bay among the spots where the 3kg to 6kg fish were picked up this past week. Tailor are a chance at Elmore Road, Point Piquet and Yallingup Reef early morning and at night. Pink snapper can be targeted between Siesta Park and the Busselton Jetty during, and just following, a period of strong winds.
Mandurah and Surrounds


The beaches to the south of Mandurah have been fishing quite well with herring being caught mid-week along with a few tailor. Salmon seem to have moved offshore from the area, however, there are still a few being caught. These beaches are still a bit cut up and sometimes inaccessible, but that has made reading the beach a requirement before fishing if you are to catch fish. There are still a few herring in the Cut at the moment, along with some good King George whiting and large yellowfin whiting. The Murray River is still producing some bream, as well as some good-sized tailor, while the beaches around Mandurah and to the north have been producing some good skippy, big King George whiting and plenty of sand whiting and herring. There are some pilch being caught along the beaches around Madora and Golden Bay. The estuary is starting to turn on a few prawns if you’re prepared to spend a chilly night out and watch the tides.


The Penguin Island area has produced good numbers of sand whiting, a few flathead and flounder in addition to some reasonable tailor and the odd salmon. There are still reports of good salmon being caught in the metro area, with most reports coming from the southern metropolitan beaches. Boat anglers fishing in the shelter of Warnbro Sound during the week have reported that the area has fished well for small snapper, mulloway, some good-sized King George whiting and squid. Point Peron is the spot to try for tarwhine and some tailor.
Perth Catches
James with a nice pink snapper caught last week in metro waters. Good to see they're still on the bite! Great catch, mate!


Opportunities to head offshore have been limited, due to the stormy weather. However, some recfishers who managed to pick a break in the rough conditions, have reported mixed results. There seemed to be a few pink snapper caught near the inshore reefs and islands off Rockingham, Fremantle and Hillarys. Dhufish, breaksea cod and queen snapper were found in 30m to 50m of water south-west and north-west of Rottnest Island. Fishing in about 12m of water east of Rottnest seems to be a good area to target King George whiting. Squid have been hard to tempt with jigs along the seagrass as a result of the murky water in close.

Shore based

Rock fishers who lined the northern and southern rock walls when conditions were rough were rewarded with catches of pink snapper, mulloway and gummy shark. More pink snapper were landed at some of the metropolitan beaches together with tailor and mulloway. Herring are in very good numbers along the beaches, rock walls and jetties. Some hauls of squid have been picked up from the rocks located at Fremantle and within Cockburn Sound. Mulloway are a chance within Fremantle Harbour and the deeper areas of the Swan and Canning rivers. There are still a few tailor being caught in the middle and lower reaches of the Swan, while black bream remain widespread. Scoop netters have been catching school and king prawns by the bucket load at East Fremantle and North Fremantle.

Tackle Shop Talk

Jeni, centre, shows off a beaut golden trevally caught in Exmouth with Kalvin and Dean.
Restrictions are easing, winter is settling in and our tackle stores are open and waiting for you to pay them a visit. Tackle stores play an essential role in our fishing industry and the knowledge of the owner and local staff is invaluable. Recently we’ve been chatting with various tackle store owners across the state to get to know them better on a personal level and help promote their business in order to reboot the recfishing industry post-COVID-19. This week we spoke to Jeni Gates from Tackle World in Exmouth. Click here to read more!
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