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Well we certainly aren't short on fishing photos this week, with the weather warming up, kids on school holidays and some great fishing events and clinics happening across the state.

We'd like to thank everyone for sending your photos to us and tagging us in social media. With your permission to use your photos, we are able to showcase to all our readers the awesome fishing we have on offer in Western Australia. As Gone Fishing Day approaches next weekend, why not use it as an excuse to stretch those arms, get the kids of the couch and celebrate fishing with those close to you. Check out the FREE community fishing clinic Recfishwest are running at the Ozfish info session at Shelley Beach on Saturday 14th, which may be of interest.

As always, thank you to our fishing expert Joachim Azzopardi, John Curtis in Mandurah and Peter Fullarton in Lancelin for the weekly area reports.

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Catch of the Week!

For catch of the week, we couldn't go past this one! At 5 years of age, Xavier caught this 95cm barramundi in Kununurra and set the bar high for North Bound Charters Guide Zack! 

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Broome Catches
Picture: Alex Pettet caught this trevally species while on a trip to Broome from Perth recently. Check out Fishing Wild Broome Land Based Facebook Page to see what other people are catching.


Billfish enthusiasts have continued to encounter sailfish, and the odd small black marlin, in waters wide of Barred Creek and James Price Point. Catches of both billfish are however tapering off as the water temperatures rise. Reef fishing has been productive in depths leading up to 40m of water where saddletail seaperch, red emperor and blue lined emperor have been picked up in reasonable numbers. Fingermark bream and bluebone are among the species being commonly caught by those working the ground within Roebuck Bay.

Shore based

Barramundi activity seems to be increasing in the Fitzroy River with fish between 60cm and 80cm, as well as the odd bigger fish nearing a metre, being caught on live baits and lures. During a hot session at Dampier Creek last week, Customers of Tackle World Broome hooked onto a good number of 50 plus cm barramundi with most fish being released. Threadfin and bluenose salmon can be found near the creek entrances. Some nice bluebone have been caught from the jetty and Gantheaume Point.
Exmouth Catches
Picture: Over the weekend Dave caught this superb coral trout! Well done mate!


Big schools of baitfish that moved into the upper areas of the gulf are attracting a variety of predatory species including sailfish, longtail tuna, Spanish mackerel, queenfish golden and brassy trevally. Reef fishing enthusiasts have been doing well on red emperor, rankin cod and ruby job fish off the west wide. Spanish mackerel have been caught in very good numbers along the back of the reef line together with a few cobia. Black marlin have been encountered within the 100m contour while striped and blue marlin are mostly being found out wide.

Shore based

Whiting are being caught on prawns in very good numbers along Town Beach, especially at high tide. The incoming tide period seems to also be the best time to target queenfish, trevally and giant herring at Old Bundegi. Bigger GTs are a chance on big poppers and stick baits at Oysters and Bundegi Beach. Try the reefs near the lighthouse for spangled emperor and bluebone at night.
Kalbarri Catches
Picture: ''Andrew always said he wanted to catch a red emperor. He did just that after his first trip out in Kalbarri seen him land this! He was over from Sydney on holidays.'' Thanks Ken for sharing with us.


There have been reports of dhufish being caught in less than 10m of water near the cliffs south of the river mouth. Charter boat operators have been putting their clients onto red emperor, pink snapper and dhufish northwest of town. It is still a little early for Spanish mackerel to be around, however there have been reports of tuna spotted near bait schools wide of the river mouth.

Shore based

Pink snapper to 75cm and tailor, both up to around the 75cm mark, have been caught from the cliffs near Red Bluff. More tailor, as well as a few mulloway, have been coming from Wittecarra Creek, Chinamans and Frustrations while surf fishers at Wagoe and Lucky Bay have been picking up pink snapper as well as mulloway. Yellowfin whiting and flathead were caught in good numbers along the sand flats located in the lower reaches of the Murchison River during the school holidays. Black bream to a kilo have been recently caught near the jetties, pens and farther up river.

Great fun and great weather for all the families enjoying the annual Kalbarri Offshore & Angling Club Whiting Competition. Check out some of the catches here on facebook.
Geraldton Catches


Dinghy and small boat fishers working the weed banks off Point Moore and Explosives have been picking up good catches of squid, herring and skippy. School mackerel have been appearing inshore off Drummonds and Point Moore. Crews caught pink snapper between 6kg and 8kg, dhufish and baldchin groper off Drummonds Cove as well as near African Reef and South West Bank. Try the western edge of Pensioners Bank for longtail tuna.

Shore based

Surf fishers have been picking up tailor and school mulloway morning and evening at Flat Rocks. The Greenough river mouth has been producing tailor around the 40cm mark, mulloway averaging 70cm and the odd herring. Mulloway to 15kg and bigger tailor have been landed at Southgates in the mornings when the seaweed is not too bad. Sand and school whiting can be picked up at Point Moore and Separation Point while the rock walls at the Batavia Marina and in front of the Sail Inn have been good for squid. Tailor up to 60cm have been caught to the north and south of Drummonds Cove. A 25kg samson fish and mulloway of 10kg and 14kg were among the prized fish recently landed at Coronation Beach. Tailor up to to 60cm have also been common at Coronation as have pink snapper to 75cm and school mackerel to 60cm.
Lancelin Catches
Picture: Photo taken of Lancelin back beach earlier in the week, a popular tailor fishing spot. Photo credit Tailored Treks Lancelin.


The weather limited boating opportunities during the week and only a handful managed to get out over the weekend. Dhufish have been caught by boats chasing demersal species. Those venturing further out found baldchin groper and snapper from depths of 30m or more. Some good size whiting can be caught around the 20m mark.The tuna schools have been passing through at times during the week, though some days they can be hard to find.

Shore based

Tailor around 40-50cm have been caught from the northern and southern beaches early mornings and on sunset with some big herring also taking the baits. There are a lot of small size whiting along the beaches, bigger specimens have been found fishing deeper sand areas near the reef. The north point of Lancelin Bay has been a reliable place to catch a few whiting and 30-40cm tailor. Jetty fishers have been getting large size long fin pike after sunset and herring, though the herring have been finicky to get to take a bait or lure. Sand whiting are being caught towards the shore side of the jetty and have been biting well into the evening. At least one samson fish and a few King George whiting were caught from the jetty over the weekend.
Esperance Catches


Dinghy and small boat fishers have been doing well on herring, snook and squid within the bay. Plump sand whiting have been coming from the inshore areas east and west of town. Nannygai to 45cm, breaksea cod and queen snapper have been caught near the first group of islands. The bigger boats found nannygai to 2.5kg as well as plenty of breaksea cod, queen sapper and samson fish out wide.

Shore based

A good mix of bread and butter species including herring, skippy, snook and squid have been coming from the Taylor Street Jetty. Bandy Creek boat harbour has been producing King George whiting up to 35cm, however the bigger Geordies require some patience. Big schools of salmon have been turning up at Roses together with tailor and skippy to 1.5kg. Salmon were also present at Fourth Beach while Salmon Beach is mostly producing juvenile salmon, herring and small skippy. Customers of Southern Sports and Tackle scored mulloway, a gummy shark, juvenile salmon and herring at Thomas River recently. Poison Creek has tailor, salmon, mulloway and sharks.
Albany Catches
Picture: '''Hit the banks of the river this morning with mulloway on the brain, pinned one first cast!'' Well done Daniel Perrella.


Strong easterly winds whipped up the seas for most part of the past week and, generally, made for some ordinary conditions. The few who managed to push through the chop in their bigger crafts found the usual mix of pink, queen and red snapper as well as breaksea cod and the odd dhufish along the coral in 60m to 90m of water. Bigger concentrations of red snapper were found at the edge of the shelf while hapuka seem to still be about in large numbers in depths starting at 160m. King George whiting require some searching through the inshore areas of both harbours and the sound. Sand whiting, herring and juvenile salmon are also in these parts in fair numbers, however squid are still hard to come by.

Shore based

The beaches east of town seem to still be producing better catches of salmon, herring, skippy and tarwhine than the coastal areas near, and to the west of, town. Fishers who spent some time at the stones near Bremer Bay, Cheynes Beach and West Cape Howe landed pink and queen snapper as well as dhufish and samson fish. The lower reaches of the King and Kalgan rivers are quite clear at the moment and holding herring, juvenile salmon and King George. The upper areas are still mostly producing small black bream. 

Zak Hart at West cape Howe getting into some fantastic landbased fishing catching this queen snapper! Great to see you wearing your lifejacket Zak!
Southwest Catches
Picture:  Daryl McIver and his son went out chasing tuna during the week in Bunbury. They followed the birds working the bait and landed a couple of southern bluefin tunas each!


Crews who have been working the 30m to 40m depths off Cowaramup Bay, Smiths Beach and Three Bears have been picking up dhufish to 20kg, big breaksea cod and pink snapper. More snapper and smaller dhuies have been caught in shallower waters within Geographe Bay. King George whiting have been found in depths leading up to 20m off Eagle Bay, Quindalup and Abbey Beach. Squid catches remain steady along the seagrass beds while blue swimmer crab catches have been increasing.

Metal slice lures did the trick in landing these tuna in 14 metres of water in Bunbury this week.Picture is Daryl's son Fletcher.

Shore based

Tailor have been appearing some mornings and evenings at Moses Rock, Honeycombs and Injidup as well as some of the Geographe Bay beaches including Boneyards and Elmore Road. A consistent stream of burley should bring herring and a few skippy around any of the headlands and bays. Yellowfin whiting should start to appear along the Quindalup sand flats as the water temperatures increase. Freshwater fishers are having some luck over the last few weeks, catching redfin perch, rainbow and brown in various southwest rivers and dams, after the recent fishing stocking. Good places to start are Waroona Dam, Harvey Dam, Drakesbrook Dam and Logue Brook Dam. Find out the stocking locations here.

'Fishing at Donnelly River and caught a small brown trout which was in beautiful condition. Thanks to the WA Fisheries stocking programs and Recfishwest.' Photo credit: Saltybonesgyotaku
Mandurah and Surrounds


People fishing the southern beaches of an evening have found herring and tailor and there have been reports of a few small mulloway turning up. Preston Beach, White Hills and Tim’s Thicket have all been producing herring and tailor during the last week. Closer to Mandurah, the Dawesville Cut has been producing herring, skippy and some tailor at dawn and dusk. Tarwhine are also being caught in good numbers but they are a little on the small side. The Old Traffic Bridge has been a little quiet but closer to the river mouth, fishers have been catching mixed bags of tarwhine, herring and whiting. The Murray and Serpentine continue to produce good numbers of black bream. Beaches to the north of the town at San Remo, Singleton, Madora and Golden Bay have been producing tailor and some small mulloway, along with herring, and whiting.


Beaches around this area have been producing a few whiting, herring, small skippy, an occasional tailor and small mulloway. Locations to fish are the beaches around Warnbro Sound and the beaches around Long Point. Secret Harbour is also worth a try for big tailor. An occasional small mulloway has been caught; however larger fish are yet to be caught from the area. Don’t forget that the pink snapper seasonal closure for both Cockburn and Warnbro Sounds is now in force and is being closely monitored.
Perth Catches
Picture: ''Very pleasantly surprised getting this beauty in Maylands last week.'' Said fisher Colin Parsons.


Pink snapper were caught in very good numbers within Cockburn Sound right up until the annual spawning closure. The waters just outside of the sound – west of Garden Island and behind Carnac Island – which are still open to pink snapper fishing, are also producing snapper as well as dhufish and breaksea cod. Squid catches have improved along the seagrass beds off Fremantle following an improvement in water clarity. King George whiting to a very impressive 60cm have been found in 20m to 30m of water to the south and north of Rottnest Island. Smaller King George whiting have been caught by kayak and dinghy fishers near the southern rock walls. Sand whiting are being found in dense schools off Leighton Beach and Cottesloe.

Shore based

Tailor have been caught on a variety of lures along the metropolitan beaches early morning before 8am. In the evenings, weighted and unweighted whole fish baits including mulies and scaly mackerels have been doing the trick. School mulloway, fish between 6kg and 8kg, have been turning up at Wilbinga and Hill River as well as Preston Beach and Tims Thicket. There are still a few herring being caught from the northern and southern rock walls and jetties. The beaches north of Trigg Point are worth a stroll for yellowfin whiting and skippy. Flathead are starting to be caught along the sand flats in the lower and middle reaches of the Swan and Canning rivers. The deeper areas of Freshwater Bay and The Narrows are worth trying for mulloway.

Celebrate Fishing in WA

Pictured: Lewis Bibra loves fishing with his dad and was over the moon to catch this big pink snapper last week before the West Coast Cockurn Sound pink snapper spawning closure took effect. Nice lifejacket Lewis :)

''Some spend whole lifetimes searching for happiness. But whether you’re out on the water any chance you get, or haven’t been out for longer than you’d care to admit, you already know the secret to happiness is the simplest thing of all… fishing.''

Celebrate Gone Fishing Day on the 14th October.
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