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We can't believe our eyes!!! Jaiden Maclean, from Sea Ulcer, and Anthony Walsh landed this whopping 41kg Spanish mackerel while drone fishing at Quobba with Perth Fishing Safaris guide Alex Carter. Stellar effort, guys - this mammoth Spaniard is definitely a fish of a lifetime! 
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Pic of the Week!

What a monster northern mulloway! Caught in 6m of water off One Tree Beach in the Admiralty Gulf, Tom White estimates this beast weighed 20kg and was 1.3m long. Tom said the northern mully released well, with no signs of barotrauma. Great stuff - the photo is a deserving "Pic of the Week".

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Broome Catches
Callum Shaw was stoked after landing his first barramundi while fishing east of Broome with Salty Sessions. Although the barra wasn't a monster, Callum said it was perfect size for the pan.


Almost 900 sailfish were raised by competitors, aboard 33 boats, who participated in Broome Fishing Club’s annual Broome Billfish Classic at the weekend. Most of the sailfish were found in waters off Quondong Point, while some were also encountered out from Barred Creek and wide of James Price Point. Reef fishing has been productive in 30m to 40m of water where red emperor, coral trout and bluelined emperor seem to be about in numbers. Spanish mackerel can be targeted off Entrance Point and Gantheaume Point. Schools of longtail tuna and mack tuna are appearing in a range of depths and areas.

Shore based

Threadfin salmon and bluenose salmon are being caught at the entrances of the local creeks and also adjacent areas of coast during the smaller tides. Mangrove jack and estuary cod have been caught on hard-body lures and soft plastics within the creeks together with javelin fish and the occasional barramundi. Queenfish and varieties of trevally have been appearing at the jetty, especially an hour either side of the change in tide. A permit, which was caught on bait, was one of the more uncommon catches to be reported from the jetty this past week.
Exmouth Catches
Plenty of reef fishers off Exmouth are catching solid Rankin cod, including Evolution Fishing Charters crewman Baylee Webb. Baylee scored this ripper Rankin on a jig - terrific!


Bait fish near Recfishwest's fish aggregating devices (FADs) are attracting a variety of big predatory fish, including dolphinfish, wahoo, striped marlin and black marlin. Reef fishers have been finding red emperor and Rankin cod in 40m to 60m, goldband jobfish in 90m to 120m and ruby snapper beyond the 200m line. GTs and spangled emperor have been caught on poppers and stick baits retrieved from the white water behind the reef.

Shore based

Small brassy and GTs have dominated catches at the west coast accesses this week. The accesses closer to the lighthouse have sometimes been producing spangled emperor and bluebone. Bigger GTs are a chance at Oysters and VLF Bay, while nearby Bundegi and Old Bundegi have big queenfish and giant herring. Whiting are common at the town and gulf beaches. Squid can be targeted at the marina and Learmonth Jetty during an incoming tide and at night.

Scott’s Spots - Montebello Islands, a magnificent fishing destination

Darcy Hamill with a solid gold spot trevally off the Montebello Islands.
If you are rugged up and shivering through the cold in the southern half of the State at the moment, you’re probably dreaming of warm northern WA destinations. In this week's edition of 'Scott's Spots', Western Anglers' Scott Coghlan takes us to the remote Montebello Islands, where the sun is shining and the fish are biting - a great combination at a dream fishing destination. Read what Scott has to say about the magnificent Montes here.
Kalbarri Catches


Fishers who travelled to the 30m and 40m depths north-west of town caught Rankin cod, baldchin groper, pink snapper and spangled emperor this week. Baldchin, snapper and coral trout are sometimes being caught within 200m of the cliffs on metal and soft plastic jigs. Spanish mackerel are occasionally being caught on bibbed minnows and rigged garfish trolled between the 10m and 30m depths north and south of the river mouth.

Shore based

Surf fishers who soaked mulies, and other whole fish baits, in the morning and evening at Red Bluff, Wittecarra Creek and Siphon enjoyed a nice run of chopper tailor. School mulloway and herring were also picked up at these beaches, however, garfish have been hard to come by for most of winter. Bigger tailor were caught on stickbaits and poppers at Chinaman's Beach and Oyster Reef. Mulloway up to 1m can be targeted in the lower and middle reaches of the Murchison River, along with black bream and estuary cod. Yellowfin whiting are around the shallower parts of the Murchison where flathead and flounder seem to also be present.
Geraldton Catches
This Samson fish took Mathew Svenson for a ride in his kayak off Geraldton, putting in multiple powerful runs that tested his Daiwa Saltiga Dogfight reel. Despite the tough fight, Mat said the hardest part of the battle was getting the Sambo into the kayak for a photo before it was released.


Dinghy and kayak fishers noticed a decrease in squid numbers along the seagrass beds, but there are still a few herring, small skippy and pike in these parts. Reef fishing has been productive near African Reef and West Bank where dhufish to 12kg, pink snapper to 8kg and baldchin groper to 5kg have been caught. Pensioners Bank and the lumps off Coronation have been producing most of the same species, as well as coral trout and sweetlip. Spanish mackerel and shark mackerel have been appearing in waters near the Wallabis and Easter Group. Baldchin groper and coral trout are being caught on baits, jigs and spear in the shallower areas of the islands.

Shore based

Tailor and school mulloway have been caught near the Greenough River mouth, while herring, whiting and pike have been found along the beaches. Bigger tailor have been caught near the reefs at Point Moore and Separation Point. Any sandy area of water clear from seaweed would likely be holding varieties of whiting. Pink snapper are occasionally being landed from the beaches north of Drummond Cove.
Lancelin Catches


Big swells and strong winds have again prevented many recreational boat fishers from safely leaving the bay. A few boats have fished inside the bay's reefs, with some pink snapper caught and a nice baldchin groper also speared by a spearfisher. Squid have been prevalent, however, they have been difficult to catch with the strong current running through the middle of the bay. The best squid catches have been closer to shore where the current is weaker.

Shore based

There is a lot of weed along the northern beaches, making them very difficult to fish. The southern beaches have provided a better opportunity, but the tailor fishing has been slow. However, one group managed to land two nice mulloway last weekend. Although the bay's beaches are weeded at the northern end, the southern area has been relatively clear with plenty of near-shore skippy along the weed and sand's edge.  There have also been sand whiting, herring and tarwhine present. Fishers at the Lancelin Jetty have worked hard to catch herring, tarwhine, skippy, salmon and sand whiting. Anglers chasing squid landed a few nice cephalopods from the jetty, while drop-netters have reported good blue swimmer crab numbers.

West Aussie Ultimate Angler Series

Many fishers are opting to target pink snapper on light gear.

Enjoying each and every pink snapper encounter, regardless of size, seems a primary focus for anglers these days, rather than chasing fish on heavy tackle. This sporty mindset has well and truly infiltrated the pink snapper scene and is evident in the tackle systems often used when soaking baits for pinkies. Read Shimano's story on how to maximise your bait fishing success while targetting pinkies here.

Esperance Catches
There are plenty of salmon along Esperance's beaches at the moment and keen fisher Lachy Warren has been making the most of the rod-bending action! Cracking photo, mate.


Dinghy and small boat fishers have been picking up their limits of squid along the seagrass beds in less than two hours at times. Some of the squid have been whoppers, too – with tube lengths up to 47cm. Herring, sand whiting and juvenile salmon are also being caught within the inshore parts together with a few snook. Recfishers who targeted nannygai found fish to 55cm in waters wide of the islands. Samson fish in the 20kg to 25kg range were caught on baits and jigs near the islands.

Shore based

The Taylor Street Jetty has been fishing well for herring and squid, while small King George whiting are on offer at Bandy Creek Boat Harbour. Black bream to 40cm have been caught on baits, soft plastic and hard-body lures within the local lakes. Salmon are being caught right along the western beaches, as well as those located within Cape Le Grand National Park. Skippy up to 4kg were landed at Fourteen Mile, Roses, Alexander Bay and Thomas River, while flathead and big sand whiting were among the species caught at Ten Mile.
Albany Catches
Yewwwww! Jake Poad lobbed this impressive yellowtail kingfish from the rocks, near Albany, at the weekend in an epic session which also included a mammoth Samson fish! Nicholas Drummond snapped a quick photo of Jake and the hoodlum before the fish was released. Well done!


When conditions allowed crews to venture offshore in search of reef fish, they managed to catch queen snapper, breaksea cod, small dhufish and skippy in 60m to 90m of water. The mentioned reef species are being caught in shallower depths in waters out from Denmark, Peaceful Bay, West Cape Howe and Cheynes Beach. King George whiting catches inshore have been improving and there seems to be more squid being caught around the seagrass beds. Herring, juvenile salmon and sand whiting are also evident inshore.

Shore based

Big schools of salmon have continued to pass along the Bremer Bay beaches and, to a lesser extent, Bluff Creek and Cheynes Beach. Tailor have been turning up some mornings and evenings at Nanarup. There are still a few salmon being caught very early in the morning at Cables, Sand Patch and Shelleys. Herring are still about in very good numbers right along the coast. Frenchman Bay is worth trying for King George whiting, while squid can be targeted at Emu Point. The King and Kalgan rivers are still producing lots of black bream, but fish are rarely bigger than 30cm. The lower reaches of both systems occasionally have juvenile salmon, herring and chopper tailor.
South West Catches
After his mates landed a couple of nice pinkies early last Saturday morning, Lean Back Fishing Crew member Brad Gaylard didn't want to miss out on Bunbury's hot pinkie bite. Despite not hitting the water until midday, Brad still managed to land this beauty relatively close to shore. Great fishing.


Crews have been catching pink snapper on anchor within Geographe Bay, especially early morning and at night. Brad Gaylard, pictured, also proved the pink snapper might still be biting in the middle of the day. Dhufish and skippy have also been caught in similar areas. King George whiting are being found in shallower waters off Quindalup and there are plenty of squid around the seagrass meadows. Blue swimmer crabs were found at Busselton and Quindalup this past week once the strong northerly winds ceased.

Shore based

School whiting, from 20cm to 30cm, were caught in big numbers in Geographe Bay this week - something that usually only happens during the summer months. Herring and juvenile salmon were also evident along the beaches. There have been salmon and tailor caught at Injidup Beach. Deep gutters have formed along the west coast and would be worth trying for mulloway and jumbo tailor.


Kayaking in the Warren River near Pemberton with his mate Otis Arrow, Josè scored this nice redfin perch. Otis and Jose caught 12 redfin between them and also hooked two trout, which were both sadly lost next to the kayak, while flicking red and black RMG Poltergeist 50mm hard-body lures.
Mandurah and surrounds
The Murray River is producing some nice black bream at the moment, as proven by Charlie Berry. Charlie went chasing bream in the Murray alongside his mate Josiah Peck - aka The Mandurah Fiso - and the duo landed a couple, with the biggest measuring 35cm. We love your work, lads!


Like most metropolitan beaches, weed has caused some concern for beach fishers near Mandurah this week. To avoid the weed, anglers have been fishing rock and jetty platforms with The Cut producing sand whiting, herring, skippy and tailor. Earlier this week, small pink snapper were caught at the ocean end of The Cut, while mulloway have been landed along Preston Beach. Fishers have been reporting decent black bream numbers in the Murray and Serpentine rivers. Charlie Berry, pictured above, is among river fishers enjoying the black bream action, reporting catches up to 35cm in the Murray River.


Plenty of tarwhine and herring, alongside some nice tailor, have been caught at Point Peron. Most spots from Rockingham to Secret Harbour are producing herring, pilch, whiting and skippy. Herring and sand whiting have been caught at beaches near Becher Point, while anglers fishing from the Palm Beach Jetty have landed herring, skippy and plenty of squid.
Perth Catches
Measuring 90cm, Joel Borgers was buzzing after he got this pink snapper on deck while wetting a line off Woodman Point at the weekend. We love your work, Joel - fantastic stuff.


There are still plenty of pink snapper off Perth, while dhufish and baldchin groper have been coming from the 30m to 50m depths off Rockingham and Fremantle. King George whiting are in good numbers east of Rottnest Island and in waters out a few miles from Cottesloe and City Beach. Squid seem to be about in very good numbers along the seagrass off Fremantle and within Cockburn Sound. Emilio Orifici and Max Sampson caught a couple of dozen squid, of mixed sizes, along with herring and sand whiting near Woodman Point on Sunday.

Shore based

Surf fishers have been catching tailor on baits and lures at Grant Street, Swanbourne, City Beach, Floreat and Trigg Beach. Pink snapper are occasionally being landed along the beaches north of Mindarie. There are still lots of herring along the coast, especially at the rock walls and groynes. Mulloway are continuing to be caught near Narrows Bridge, but expect the enigmatic species to be lurking around the deeper areas of the Swan River further downstream from the freeway crossing in the coming months. Black bream have been caught on hard-body lures and soft plastics along Mounts Bay Road and The Causeway.
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