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24th October 2014
Recfishwest Fishing Report
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Welcome to Recfishwest's weekly fishing forecast, brought to you by Recfishwest's fishing expert Joachim Azzopardi. This is a service offered for free to Recfishwest members. Please always check local weather reports before heading out. For further information on recreational fishing, please visit our website at If you are not a Recfishwest member, it's free to join, just click here and follow the prompts.


Metro Catches

Tailor to 60cm continue to be picked up on metals and poppers near the offshore reefs, which have included The Mewstone and Rowboat Reef. The 5m to 10m areas inside Cockburn and Warnbro sounds are worth trying for King George whiting, which tend to be good size at this time of year. Samson fish and yellowtail kigfish are being caught near Stragglers, Carnac Island and in and around the bays at Rottnest.

The charter boats and a few private boats that ventured to The Barges in 90 to 110m of water west and southwest of Rottnest have been finding schools of samson fish. Squid are still being caught along the weed beds in Cockburn Sound and off Fremantle.

A few tailor are turning up along the beaches early morning and evening. Grant Street, Swanbourne and Floreat Drain were among the spots to produce tailor between 35 and 50cm this past week. A few flathead are turning up along the lower and middle reaches of the Swan.

An estimated 70cm flathead was hooked and lost near the Causeway late last week. Good numbers of black bream with a penchant for soft plastics have been coming from the Burswood and Ascot areas. 

Recfishwest Metro Fishing Forecast

With the tide rising all afternoon and the major period falling between 1pm and 3pm, the afternoon on the weekend is a sure thing. After the new moon came this week, fishing has been quite good and weekly weather has allowed it!

Sunrise on the minor moon period will provide quality fish, especially tailor and whiting. A night fish may also be in order with the top of the tide being just after 10pm on the weekend, so bust out your mulloway outfits and settle in for a good nights fishing.

The fishing may drop off a tad early to mid next week, but that shouldn't bother the crayfish as we've seen plenty caught already up here at Hillarys.

Bunbury, Dunsborough to Augusta Catches

The fishing tournament held a couple of weekends ago was a huge success with plenty of good catches had by those who competed in the offshore, inshore and land based categories. Toby Heyring, of Eagle Bay, was crowned this year’s King of the Cape and Dave Cole, of Dunsborough Outdoor Sportz, came a close second. Reef fishing for pink snapper, dhufish and breaksea cod was very good right up until the start of the demersal closure and expect things on this front to be even better when the season opens again, which was the case last year when the coral and granite areas were given a two-month break.

King George whiting fishing has been pretty good through the inshore areas of Geographe Bay. There are still plenty of squid being caught along the seagrass. Some good tailor to 55cm have been running early morning and on dusk at spots such as Mitchells and Honeycombs. Bunker Bay and Castle Rock would also be worth trying for tailor during these times. Herring are in good proportions along both sides of Cape Naturaliste. 

Recfishwest Bunbury, Dunsborough to Augusta Fishing Forecast

Fishing looks great this weekend in Bunbury with the moon periods exciting most fish both early morning and mid to late afternoon. Hit the water at lunch for the last hour of the rising tide.

Fishing from Busso south looks hot this weekend with the fish activity deemed high, with moon periods and tides aligning nicely.

Fish from sun up for big tailor and settle in on an incoming tide until mid to late morning. If you stay on and fish the dropping tide, the whiting may be out foraging so hit up your local beaches for a chance.

Albany Catches

It is a pretty good time to target King George whiting following good catches of fish averaging 30cm through the inshore waters during the past fortnight. The crews picking up the better numbers of King George – bag limits at times – have been those who are prepared to move around and find the fish. Sand whiting have also been picked up in excellent numbers together with the KG along with herring, a few flathead, squid and pike. Areas fishing well for the bread and butter species have included both harbours, the sound, Michaelmas, Breaksea, Frenchmans and Two Peoples Bay.

A customer of Albany Rods and Tackle, caught a couple of big yellowtail kingfish while trolling off Limestone Head last week. Schools of small southern bluefin tuna have also been turning up off Limestone. Big schools of samson fish have been encountered in a range of depths and areas offshore. The coral patches in depths up to 85m have been producing reasonable catches of dhufish, red snapper and pink snapper when the weather has allowed the boats to head out. Beach fishing has remained slow with a few catches of salmon, tailor, tarwhine and sand whiting along the coastal stretches and bays, but these have been without any real trend.

Even herring were hard to come by for a couple of anglers who set out to target the bread and butter species at a sure fire spot last week. Black bream of mixed sizes have been caught on baits and lures in both the King and Kalgan rivers, with the latter also producing a few mulloway. Reports suggest the systems east and west of town have not been fishing all that well for black bream lately.

Recfishwest Albany Fishing Forecast

Fishing in Albany looks hot this weekend with the fish activity deemed high, with moon periods and tides aligning nicely.

Fish from sun up for big tailor and settle in on an incoming tide until mid to late morning. If you stay on and fish the dropping tide, the whiting may be out foraging so hit up your local beaches for a chance. The tide movement this weekend will also be quality as the fish will look for some moving water.

Geraldton Catches

The small mackerel run has continued with plenty of broadbar to 90cm and spotted mackerel caught from the northern side of the new marina and from the reefs at Southgates this past week. Heavy minnows have been working well on the mackerel, but that’s not to say they won’t strike at metals, poppers and stick baits.

Drummonds has been providing tailor around the 30 to 35cm mark after dark together with herring and pike. More tailor have been coming from the first and second points at Greenough as well as Southgates. Small boats and dinghy fishers have been doing well on squid, herring and pike out from the Lighthouse.

Recfishwest Geraldton Fishing Forecast

Fish from sun up for big tailor and settle in on an incoming tide until mid to late morning this weekend. If you stay on and fish the dropping tide, fish may be out foraging so hit up your local beaches for a chance. The tide movement this weekend will also be quality as the fish will look for some moving water.

The fish activity may drop off from about Tuesday and Wednesday but pick up nicely for next weekend so never to worry. If you do head out for a fish early next week, the afternoons will suit bite times better than the morning. 

Kalbarri Catches

Local fishing guru, Rob Tang, may have discovered another reason why Frustrations was given its name after experiencing a hot session on pink snapper there last Friday, two days into the demersal ban, where at one stage he was catching a pinkie a cast (and releasing). Rob was targeting tailor and mulloway, which are more commonly picked up at the popular shore-based spot, that was apparently named Frustrations due to the number of rigs that get snagged there and the fact the fishing there is so often hot and cold. For the record, Rob did manage to land one mulloway and couple of tailor that evening.

More tailor have been coming from Wittecarra and Shark Fin Rock early morning and evening. Black bream and yellowfin whiting are in good numbers in the river, but mangrove jack have been hard to come by.

Murchison House Station is worth a try for giant herring while small mulloway have been coming from around Paradise Flats. Blue manna and mud crabs are still hit and miss. Spanish mackerel are yet to appear in numbers worth taking the boat off the trailer, but the cobia are still around – it’s just a matter of locating the bait schools. 

Recfishwest Geraldton Fishing Forecast

The weekend is looking first class as bite times and tidal movements will accommodate all fishers. A rising tide starting from 8 in the morning will turn the fishing on it's head but the tidal movement is quite small will the high not upon us until late night. So try the sunset period on the weekend but most likely a night fish should be on your fishing agenda.

The fish activity may drop off from about Tuesday and Wednesday but pick up nicely for next weekend so never to worry. If you do head out for a fish early next week, the afternoons will suit bite times better than the morning. 

Exmouth Catches

Learmonth jetty has been the pick of the land-based locations of recently, following reports of a wide variety of fish being landed, or at least hooked during the past week. Big Spanish mackerel have been just one of the species hooked there. Most have found their freedom before making it to the jetty, although a couple have been landed for those who prepared rigs with a short length of single strand wire. Cobia and large queenfish have also been spotted over the week from the jetty, especially around the high tide period.

While no cobia were hooked, a couple of metre-plus queenfish have fallen to live squid drifted out under balloons. Town beach has seen plenty of schools of yellowfin whiting and mullet cruising the shallows.  Some good catches have been had from anglers using small stickbaits and poppers, but the most reliable method of rounding up a feed of whiting is using prawn baits. Squid are still around in big numbers and plenty of crews have been finding a feed easily just a few hundred metres offshore, particularly south of the marina. The blue marlin have been hit and miss this week. Multiple crews have gone all day out wide from Tantabiddi without raising a fish, while the next day it seems to be standard to raise up to five blues a day.

While the currents are not perfect yet it will not be long now until five shots or more a day at the blues become the norm for most game fishers. There are still pods of sailfish taking skipping garfish trolled behind teasers. Expect these fish to start heading north from Tantabiddi anytime now and work their way into the rich and protected waters of the Exmouth gulf where they will be found in big numbers working up bait balls. Carrying live bait and feeding one down below the schools of mullies is the best way to get a hook up when this happens. Dolphin fish have turned up in really thick numbers and are starting to show in as little water as 60m for crews that are targeting sailfish.

Recfishwest Exmouth Fishing Forecast

Morning fish over the weekend is definitely on the card with the rising tides and major moon periods in the mid to late morning with the top of the tide being around lunch. The bite times and fish activity up until about Monday. If you can't get out in the morning, 1pm-3pm will also be a top fishing time if not the best for the day! 

Take the kids in the late afternoon on a dropping tide for a nice feed of whiting and a good family outing.

Broome Catches

Sailfish and a few small black marlin are being encountered out from James Price Point during the neap tide periods. Switch baiting remains the most effective method in catching the sails and blacks. Spanish mackerel have been responding well to trolled bibbed minnows such as Laser Pros off Entrance Point, out from Gantheaume and through Roebuck Bay.

Tuna have not appeared in their usual masses with only the odd school of mack and longtail being found during the past few weeks. A nice mix of snapper, bluebone and coral trout have been coming from the ground in the bay. The deeper areas in Roebuck are worth trying for mulloway. A few tripletail have been spotted near the moorings as of late.

Recfishwest Broome Fishing Forecast 

Sunrise is looking ace for fishing along with just after lunch. The conditions are looking great and with good catches coming this week the weekend shouldn't disappoint.

Try an hour just after the high tide in the middle of the day for the best chance but if you have the time off fish as much as possible. An early evening fish between 7pm-8pm will also provide prime conditions and don't be surprised if you see most of the action at this time.

With the weather warming up and wet season soon upon us, get in as much fishing as possible. The Barra reports are increasing so time to get out and land your prize catch!

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Everyone knows that fishers love to brag about their catch, but what if you could do that on the big screen in a cinema?

Recfishwest is asking all keen anglers to capture a video of their prized catch and win fantastic prizes for doing so.

We know that fishers love to show off what they’ve caught, so this event is a bit of fun to encourage them to record their experiences and share them with others.

Recfishwest is asking people to make a short video, something no longer than three minutes that promotes recreational fishing in Western Australia.

We will then play the best of them at Windsor Cinema on November 26 and let the audience decide the winners.

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