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We love reading about your recent catches and especially like when a ''first fish'' moment is captured and the expression on someone's face says it all. We have a few 'first fish' moments in this report and we hope you enjoy the images and the write ups from some of our members and subscribers.

Pictured above: ''Jacques had never caught a groper before and about 5 seconds before he hooked this one, I saw the tell tale bob on the rod tip of a groper bite. I barely had time to say, “hang on you’re about to get smashed...” before it was all on! A crazy fight, some massive runs and this beautiful big blue came over the side. A couple of quick photos, then we swam him by the boat to ensure a safe release. Stoke level was high and it was hugs all around the boat.'' - Thanks to Liam Wesson for sending this fantastic catch of his friend in while fishing in Albany.

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This fishing report is brought to your by Recfishwest fishing expert Joachim Azzopardi, John Curtis in Mandurah and Peter Fullarton in Lancelin.

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Picture of the Week!

2 year old Jaxon caught his first fish with his dad over the weekend at Pinnaroo Point and couldn't hide the excitement! Well done Jaxon! 

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Broome Catches


Sailfish numbers seem to have dropped off, however in saying that, there are still a few of the majestic sportfish being encountered near The Peanut. Big schools of longtail and mack tuna are also present offshore together with Spanish mackerel. Crews working the 20m to 40m depths early before the breeze picks up have been doing reasonably well on blue lined emperor, fingermark bream and saddletail seaperch.

Shore based

Barramundi in the 60cm to 80cm range have been caught in very good numbers in the lower and upper reaches of the Fitzroy River. There have also been a few fish around the metre mark landed at Telegraph Pool and Langis Crossing. The local creeks are also producing barra, however most of the creek caught fish have been smaller. The Fingers have been fishing well for threadfin and bluenose salmon during the spring tides. Try Gantheaume Point and the jetty late afternoon for bigger giant and golden trevally. 
Exmouth Catches
Picture: ''It's one of my favourite times of the year when the weather starts to warm the waters of Exmouth Gulf and the sailfish school up and feed on small bait balls. Earlier in the week we headed out in search of the needle in the haystack - free swimming sailfish. An epic few hours resulted in a dozen or so fish within casting range, it didn't take long before Mark hooked up and went on to land his first free swimmer. Photo credit Exmouth Fly Fishing.


Spanish mackerel are being caught on bibbed minnows trolled along the 15m to 30m depths north and south of Tantabiddi. Black marlin were encountered between the 100m and 200m contours at the start of the week and it should not be long now for bigger blue marlin to be caught in numbers beyond the 500m line. Sailfish are starting to be found in bigger numbers within the upper areas of the gulf. Varieties of mackerel, trevally and tuna have also been found feasting on the baitfish sourced by the sails. The 60m to 90m depths off Helby Bank and the ground in approximately 50m of water have been fishing well for reef fishing including red emperor, rankin cod and spangled emperor.

Shore based

Yellowfin whiting are being caught in very good numbers along the town beaches. Squid have also been turning up in the gulf, especially during the incoming tide. Metre-plus queenfish are frequenting the gulf and west coast beaches more often. Varieties of trevally have also been along both sides of the cape. The lower parts of the gulf have been producing some nice catches of mangrove jack and estuary cod.
Kalbarri Catches
Picture: ''The aim was to try to get into some shallow water pinks but as is the case they weren't around however the mulloway just kept coming! You had me run off my feet with the hookups but was awsome to see you all getting hooked up off this spot.'' Guide from Kalbarri Land Based Fishing Tours.


Crews have been finding plenty of small pink snapper to 50cm south along the cliffs. Baldchin groper and the odd coral trout were also caught among the snapper. Good catches of sweetlip have been coming from The Sand Patch. The 40m to 50m depths northwest of the river mouth are still producing good numbers of dhufish, red emperor and rankin cod.

Shore based

Rock fishing enthusiasts have been doing well on pink snapper and dhufish at the cliffs located south of the river mouth. A few snapper were also caught from the beach at Red Bluff and Frustrations early morning and at night. A customer of Kalbarri Sports and Dive caught tailor to 75cm at Red Bluff last week. Good size tailor have also been caught from the beaches north of the river mouth together with school-size mulloway. Black bream to a kilo, and the odd bigger fish, have been caught near the jetties and boat pens. Blue swimmer crabs in sizes hovering around the legal limit have been picked up in bigger numbers.
Geraldton Catches


Dinghy fishers have been getting into some nice mulloway to 12kg and big tailor just out from the back of The Lives. Squid continue to be caught from small crafts inside the reef line together with herring, skippy and the odd school mackerel. African Reef and South West Bank are worth trying for dhufish and pink snapper. Longtail tuna have started to appear west of Pensioners Bank.

Shore based

Surf fishers at Tarcoola Beach have been doing well on tailor and mulloway. The first and second points at Greenough have tailor while Drummonds has been the pick of the spots for bigger tailor averaging 50cm. Mulloway to a metre, but mostly between 50cm and 70cm, have been coming from Coronation as well as the coastal stretches to the north and south of there. Tailor have also been landed along the Coronation stretch together with the odd pink snapper and school mackerel.
Lancelin Catches
Picture: One last fish for Pete in Lancelin before the demersal closure in the west coast bio region and he was fortunate enough to land this 55cm. Photo credit Peter Fullarton from Fishing Lancelin Facebook Page.


With not a great forecast for the weekend quite a few boats have been getting out late in the week before the demersal ban. Southern Bluefin tuna have been caught along 20m and 30m depths. Baldchin groper, pink snapper, break sea cod and dhufish have all been caught from the reef areas in 35m. Whiting are abundant around the 20m depth to 25cm along with good numbers of small flathead. Herring, trevally and pike have been caught by dinghy fishers within Lancelin bay.

Shore based

The samson fish have been quite active around the jetty this week feeding on schools of hardyheads. Herring, tailor and whiting have all been caught in limited numbers from the jetty. Along the beaches mulloway and tailor have been caught. Tailor the most consistent fish to chase, with good numbers of chopper tailor around the 50cm length and some bigger fish to 60cm caught.
Esperance Catches


Dinghy and small boat fishers have been picking up a nice feed of bread and butter species including herring, sand whiting, snook and squid within the bay. Nannygai to 60cm have been found in very good numbers when the boats have been able to head out wide. Breaksea cod were also located in good numbers together with queen snapper and samson fish.

Shore based

King George whiting to a satisfactory 35cm have been caught at the Taylor Street Jetty together with skippy to half a kilo, herring, snook and squid. A young customer of Southern Sports and Tackle landed a 7kg samson fish from the structure last week. Black bream are starting to be caught in bigger numbers at Bandy Creek boat harbour, which is also producing King George ranging from 20cm to 30cm. Salmon between 4kg and 5kg have been turning up at Salmon Beach and Fourth Beach along with herring, juvenile salmon and small skippy. Roses has tailor, salmon and skippy to a kilo on offer while flathead to 45cm have been common at Ten Mile. Bigger skippy, 1kg to 2kg fish, have been picked up at Dunns, which also has salmon and flathead. At least one mulloway and half a dozen gummy sharks were landed at Alexander Bay last week.
Albany Catches


Strong easterly winds, which persisted for most of the week, meant not too many travelled out wide and fewer, again, ventured as far as the shelf. Those in bigger crafts better equipped to handle the choppy conditions picked up pink, queen and red snapper as well as breaksea cod and dhufish along the coral in 40m to 65m of water. Red snapper were found in bigger numbers and sizes at the edge of the shelf. Expect hapuka to be still be about in dense schools beyond the 160m contour. King George whiting are being caught in inshore waters in good numbers for those willing to put in the time and effort searching for the small groups of fish. One boat managed to catch a dozen King George in just less than an hour during a session last week. Murky water within the sound is thought to be the reason why squid have become harder to come by. According to some who regularly target the popular cephalopods, the clearer waters near Michaelmas Island have been producing better squid catches.

Shore based

Surf fishers are having little trouble picking up a feed of bread and butter species including herring, skippy and juvenile salmon from the local beaches. Mature salmon have been turning up in small schools at Reef Beach and Bremer Bay. Bluff Creek is worth a visit following reports of good skippy and tarwhine coming from the deeper waters. Reports of a mulloway lost at the bridge are being taken with a pinch of salt. Both of the local rivers are producing plenty of black bream in the 20cm to 30cm range while fish to 45cm have been caught more frequently in the systems west of town.
Southwest Catches
Picture:  Ben Fearnley at 4mile near Dunsborough with a 55cm baldchin groper. Nice work Ben!


Reef fishing enthusiasts have been doing well on dhufish, pink snapper and breaksea cod in depths leading up to 60m off Hamelin Bay, Cowaramup Bay and Canal Rocks. More snapper have been coming from the Four Mile and Eight Mile reef systems as well as other areas within Geographe Bay. Squid remain in good supply along the seagrass beds off Quindalup and Abbey Beach. Divers have been picking up good catches of rock lobster off the west coast while drop netters are starting to do well on blue swimmer crabs near Toby Inlet.

Shore based

Tailor have been appearing some mornings and evenings at Mitchells and Elmore Road along with herring and the odd salmon. More herring have been coming from the Geographe Bay headlands and bays, especially when burley is introduced. Whiting have started to appear along the Quindalup sand flats. Small surface lures and soft plastics have been working well on the 20cm to 30cm whiting. There are still some good catches of squid being achieved from Busselton Jetty.

''Nice start to the Abalone season on the South Coast!'' Photo credit Tim Mitchell.
Mandurah and Surrounds
Picture: Great to see the kids getting amongst some quality WA seafood, and great to see the young fella in his lifejacket. Great catch and thanks for sharing with us!


Just like Perth metro, people fishing the beaches have been catching some nice Tailor - not monsters but between the 30 to 45cm range. As usual, Preston Beach, White Hills and Tim’s Thicket have all been producing herring and tailor with a few good Mulloway gutters producing a few runs but no reports of decent fish landed. Beaches to the north of the town at San Remo, Singleton, Madora and Golden Bay have been producing some herring, small to medium skippy, tailor and some whiting.


Beaches around this area have only been producing smaller fish - maybe the weather had a part to play in that. Popular catches are whiting at sunrise and Tailor on mulies at sunset. We saw some nice squid being caught at Ammo Jetty on Facebook this week and plenty of people trying their luck for a spring Mulloway. Fishers have reported a lot of Dolphins in the area, so presuming they're pushing bait in, fishing on the beaches is a worthy option for some fish.  Don’t forget that the pink snapper seasonal closure for both Cockburn and Warnbro Sounds is now in force and is being closely monitored.

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There was an important historical moment, with Fisheries Minister Dave Kelly announcing a 'Buyback Scheme' of commercial fishing licences in the Peel Harvey Estuary.

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Perth Catches
Picture: Paul Masters had a great day on the water in 30m of waters near Rottnest catching queen snapper last weekend.


Dhufish and pink snapper have been found by the boats working the 30m to 40m depths off Fremantle, in 50m of water southwest of Rottnest Island and in as shallow as 15m off Two Rocks and Lancelin. Breaksea cod and skippy were also found in these waters with the latter species located in big schools along Five Fathom Bank at times. King George whiting are in 10m to 15m of water east of Rottnest and within Cockburn Sound. There are samson fish in the 30m to 40m depths northwest of Rottnest and at The Barges in 90m to 110m off West End. Mulloway were found in big numbers at the beginning of the week. Squid remain in very good numbers along the seagrass beds off Fremantle.

Shore based

Tailor have been appearing in better numbers along the metropolitan beaches with Cottesloe Groyne, Grant Street, Swanbourne, Floreat Drain and Trigg Point among the areas that produced better catches of the 35cm to 55cm fish. Bigger tailor to 70cm and the odd mulloway have been landed from the beaches north of Two Rocks. There are plenty of herring still being caught from the northern and southern rock walls. The rocks at Fremantle have been producing good catches of squid during the past couple of weeks. Small schools of salmon and bonito have been turning up at South Mole and North Mole. Fremantle Harbour and the deeper parts of Mosman Bay and Freshwater Bay would be worth trying for mulloway. Flathead are starting to appear in bigger numbers along the sand flats in the Swan and Canning rivers.
Pictured: Ethan Audino with his 42cm squid that he caught from Ammo Jetty, Coogee this week. "'We saw the squid dart out from under the jetty to eat some bait fish so Ethan put his squid jig on, jiggled it around a for about 10 seconds and the squid came out to eat the jig.'' Says mum Sharon.

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