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January 2020 SCOPE Newsletter

January General Meeting

Topic General discussions

Meeting date:
Wednesday, January 8th at 19:30
3209 Harding St Carlsbad, CA 92008
We will have discussions about the future of the club, technical changes, and activities.

Upcoming Events

Newsletter update

Apologies for the repeat email! I've removed the no-longer-available QSL cards, as well as further details for the general meeting tomorrow.

Complete Your Antenna!

If you started building a 2 meter Direction Finding antenna back at the November 2019 club meeting, we'd like to hear from you.  We want to setup another gathering were you can finish that.  Probably on a Saturday. Please drop me an email (MembershipChair) at and I'll coordinate a get together.


Glen AI6RR

USMC training class for basic RF and basic electronics
It  ( the classes) will be something like twice a week, say Tuesday and Thursday from 9:30am to ~noon, starting in February.  They want 8 weeks but it could be shorter if I can cover it quicker.  It will likely depend on their potential for deployments as well.  I will do a power point type slide show that I will make up for each class.  I am not knowledgeable in all areas so I am just reaching out to see if I can get others to teach certain aspects and just give me a break now and then.  Randy Standke may offer to do some antenna presentations I am waiting to hear back.

Location is Miramar Air Station.

1. Determine level of each participant so as to focus on the best training approach.
Introduce myself.
2. Ohms Law for DC, calculation of current, voltage drop, power and voltage divider.
3. Ohms law for AC circuits, introduce capacitance and inductance and complex number
basics, impedance concept R+jX , magnitude and phase basics. W=2*Pi*F
4. dBs what and how and why( 10*log(P1/P2) )
5. AC power and the idea of frequency response caused by R,L and C.
6. Circuit components, RLC, diodes, transistors, tubes, ferrites and batteries (various
7. Digital components, uP, memory(EEPROM,RAM)
8. Circuits like amplifiers, oscillators, mixers, filters
9. Signals and emissions, carrier, Modulation AM, FM, SSB, Vector.
10. Bandwidths, Intermod, duty cycle, S/N performance of various modulations
11. Antennas and transmission lines, matching, impedance concept, SWR and
measurements. Dipole, vertical, directional antennas etc.
12. Radio wave propagation at HF, path loss concept, antenna capture area, ionosphere
reflections, solar influence.

Tom Stanford
At the December meeting, we saw these photos from Ron K2RP. They are re-published here for everyone's enjoyment.

Chair Reports

From the Membership Table:
    You can check your membership status at any time at (or just clip on the callsign below).

Will Lapse in Jan and Feb

    KC9IYR / WILLIAM - Jan 02, 2020

    KI6KJG / ROBERT - Jan 02, 2020

    KI6JMH / JOAN - Jan 03, 2020

    W6OKY / GWEN - Jan 05, 2020

    KG6ZRR / ROBERT - Jan 06, 2020

    WA6ALW / STEVE - Jan 06, 2020

    K6GHN / BILL - Jan 07, 2020

    KJ6LLB / GLEN - Jan 12, 2020

    N6XDX / TODD - Jan 26, 2020

    NN6V / MARK M. - Jan 29, 2020

    W9UVZ / RICHARD - Feb 01, 2020

    KJ6DYG / ROBERT - Feb 02, 2020

    KY6LA / HOWARD - Feb 02, 2020

    N6UF / SCOTT - Feb 03, 2020

    WA6MTF / ROBERT - Feb 04, 2020

    AG6CF / BRIAN - Feb 06, 2020

    NU6Y / JOHN - Feb 07, 2020

    K6RJF / ROB - Feb 18, 2020

Lapsed in Aug thru Dec

    WA3YTI / MARTY - Aug 01, 2019

    KG6HSQ / RONALD - Aug 02, 2019

    KM6HLX / RICHARD - Aug 05, 2019

    KM6SMJ / Michael - Sep 04, 2019

    W6MJM / MARVIN - Sep 05, 2019

    K5TZ / TONY - Sep 06, 2019

    W6RAS / Robert - Sep 21, 2019

    KF6C / BRIAN - Oct 02, 2019

    KG6VVN / DAN - Oct 03, 2019

    KM6VXO / Paul - Oct 03, 2019

    KM6OEZ / JON - Nov 14, 2019

    KE6ZLY / GLENN L - Dec 10, 2019

    NI6H / RICH - Dec 12, 2019

Based on 01/03/2020 data
Financial Report
Amazon Smile 39.72
Dues 548.12
Total Income 587.84

Auction Expns 10.80
Equipment Storage 85.00
Meeting Room Expns 1080.00
Rptr Electric 88.32
Rptr Phone 34.72
Total Expense 1,298.84
Net Income -711.00

Your Board of Directors

Call Sign Name Position
K6JPE Joe President
NN3V Charlie Vice-President
WB6IQS John Secretary
W0NI Tom Treasurer
AI6RR Glen Membership Chair
KB6NMK Jo Director #1
KI6RXX Greg Director #2
KF6WTN Mark Repeater Tech Chair
 NO6I  Guido Webmaster

Scope Articles/Content

Please submit articles or content to if you have done something interesting please share with us!
We'd love to see your HAM shacks, mobile rigs, hiking rigs, stories about your hikes or expeditions, anything you think other club members may be interested in reading about.
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