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February 2020 SCOPE Newsletter

February General Meeting

Please join us for the February general meeting, to be held at the Pine Ave Community Center in Carlsbad CA on Wednesday Feb 5 at 19:30 local time. 
Gene, WB9COY from the PAPA system will present on multi mode operations. 

Board Report

February QST editorial by Howard Michael WB2ITX, the ARRL CEO.
It offers insight into some of the things the ARRL is trying in order to make Ham radio more relevant.
I believe it has some very interesting ideas, some of which we may want to consider in our outreach efforts to attract members.

please find the article linked here

73 de NN3V

Chair Reports

Repeater Tech/Site

Mark KF6WTN, John WB6IQS and ECRA technical people went to Palomar Mountain to install their 447.800 MHz repeater antenna and install a new coaxial cable on the tower.   The weather was excellent and except for a few shady spots all the snow was gone.

John cleaned the 20' storage container and will dispose of numerous obsolete and useless junk that has collected over the years.   Mark ordered a replacement temperature controlled ventilation fan for the main building so that during the summer there is enough cooling air.   The equipment generates enough heat that without cooling air the equipment may be damaged.

ECRA had two tower climbers aloft for several hours as they installed antenna hardware and added a new 1/2" heliax coaxial cable.   Initial testing of the 447.800 MHz ECRA repeater shows good signal strength and good overall performance.

John Kuivinen, WB6IQS

Vista, CA

Dec 19
Income 0.00

Auction Expns 149.40
Equipment Storage 85.00
Rptr Electric 79.54
Rptr Phone 34.88
Total Expense 348.82
Net Income -348.82
From the Membership Table:

    You can check your membership status at any time at (or just click on the callsign below).

Will Lapse in before March meeting

    AC7GK / JOHN - Mar 06, 2020

    AG6NB / JON - Mar 07, 2020

    AI6RR / GLEN - Mar 04, 2020

    AI6ZG / ROBERT - Mar 02, 2020

    K6JPC / JASON - Mar 05, 2020

    K6MLB / MARK - Apr 03, 2020

    KK6KMU / Robert - Mar 28, 2020

    KK6SHY / WAYNE - Mar 18, 2020

    N0VDM / Brant - Mar 18, 2020

    N6DM / Gary - Apr 03, 2020

    N6FN / BERNARD - Mar 06, 2020

    N6TWO / DOUG - Mar 29, 2020

    W6AVO / KURT - Mar 04, 2020

    W6DEO / DONALD - Mar 05, 2020

    W6KH / DICK - Mar 06, 2020

Already Lapsed Memberships

    AG6CF / BRIAN - Feb 06, 2020

    KC9IYR / WILLIAM - Jan 02, 2020

    KC9IYR / WILLIAM - Jan 02, 2020

    KI6JMH / JOAN - Jan 03, 2020

    KJ6DYG / ROBERT - Feb 02, 2020

    KJ6LLB / GLEN - Jan 12, 2020

    KY6LA / HOWARD - Feb 02, 2020

    N6UF / SCOTT - Feb 03, 2020

    NI6H / RICH - Dec 12, 2019

    W6OKY / GWEN - Jan 05, 2020

    W9UVZ / RICHARD - Feb 01, 2020

    WA6MTF / ROBERT - Feb 04, 2020

Based on 02/02/2020 data

Your Board of Directors

Call Sign Name Position
K6JPE Joe President
NN3V Charlie Vice-President
WB6IQS John Secretary
W0NI Tom Treasurer
AI6RR Glen Membership Chair
KB6NMK Jo Director #1
KI6RXX Greg Director #2
KF6WTN Mark Repeater Tech Chair

Scope Articles/Content

Please submit articles or content to if you have done something interesting please share with us!
We'd love to see your HAM shacks, mobile rigs, hiking rigs, stories about your hikes or expeditions, anything you think other club members may be interested in reading about.
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