July 2016 Newsletter from The Positive Parenting Project
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Positive parenting summer reading list

July 2016

The summer holidays are the perfect time to inspire children with a love of books and maybe catch up on a bit of reading yourself. Here are The Positive Parenting Project's recommendations for your summer reading:

For parents If you are only going to read one thing about parenting this month, check out this list of the best parenting advice for thinking parents to help you make a wise choice.

For teenagers If you think you've got no chance of getting your teenage son to read a book these holidays then you'll love these high adrenalin books guaranteed to tear teens away from technology!

For 7-12 year-olds If you're fed up of buying trashy comics with throwaway plastic toys and want to sneak in some education, I recommend Amazing! magazine. Or try these suggestions for books to make boys love reading.

For little ones Books are a great vehicle for prompting discussions and introducing new ideas to young children. So if playing on the beach is throwing up awkward questions about bodies, bits and where babies come from, you will definitely want this list of books for talking to children about sex, bodies and relationships. Or if tantrums and big feelings are spoiling your holiday, then this list of books for talking to young children about emotions is a must-have.

For kids who won't read books If getting your child to read is like pulling teeth? Why not try these ideas for boosting reading skills without reading books!

Happy holidays!
The Positive Parenting Project

PS If you would like to learn more about positive parenting, why not check out the Triple P self-help parenting workbooks or our online parenting course.
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