May 2016 Newsletter from The Positive Parenting Project
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Positive parenting: managing emotions

May 2016

This month's newsletter is all about helping children manage their emotions (and managing our own emotions too). There are tips for tackling teenage tantrums, books for talking to small children about big feelings, how to challenge children's negative thinking (Teaching Optimism) and helping children cope with change. Plus some stress-reducing parenting hacks for working parents to make you smile! All this plus other news from The Positive Parenting Project!

Books for talking about feelings
Talking to young children about emotions can help them learn to recognise and manage their feelings. Books are a great resource for prompting conversations about difficult feelings in a calm and cosy context. Here are my favourite books for talking to small children about big feelings. Read more
Helping children cope with change
We'd love to wrap our children up in cotton wool and protect them from all hurt and distress, but we can't. And we wouldn't be doing them any favours if we could. Helping children cope with the difficult feelings that come with change can set them up for greater resilience and adaptability in the future. Read more
Tackling negative thinking
Children who think positively are more resilient, give up less easily and tend to have a greater sense of control and competence. But if your child is a negative thinker, what can you do about it? Try these tips on how parents can teach optimism. Read more
Parenting tricks for working parents
A selection of sneaky tricks to help you maximise family time, keep up appearances (without putting in the hours) and maintain good relationships (but still get to work on time)..... Read more

Handling emotional teenagers
Teenagers can go from nought to ten out of the blue, sometimes over quite trivial triggers. And they often express their emotions forcefully - not very comfortable when you are the one in the firing line. Here are a few tips to help you stay calm and defuse the situation. Read more

Parenting courses for busy parents
If you would like to know more about positive parenting, why not check out our online parenting course and parenting self-help workbooks
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The Positive Parenting Project is a social enterprise that promotes positive long term outcomes for children by supporting parents/carers to use effective parenting strategies and create a family environment that meets everyone's needs.