November 2015 Newsletter from The Positive Parenting Project
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Simple steps to help balance work and family

November 2015

This month's newsletter is jam-packed with practical parenting solutions to help you balance work and family life. There's a discussion on which working patterns are best for children (To work or not to work?), advice on how to rethink your priorities so you can stop juggling and start living, ways to tackle to working mum's guilt, tips for making the most of family time with teenagers and a humorous take on the six bad habits of time-poor parents
All this and other news from The Positive Parenting Project!

To work or not to work? That isn't the question....
What is the ideal number of hours to work if you want to be a good parent? Is being a working parent good for your children? Do children of stay at home mums do better? Are there actually answers to these questions - or are we asking the wrong questions to start with? Read more
How to stop juggling and start living
If you really want to readdress your work-life balance you'll need to do some uncomfortable thinking. You’ll have to challenge deeply held beliefs, question the things you regard as givens and prioritise according to your own goals rather than other people’s. Here’s a few prompts to start you thinking... Read more
What can I do about my working mum's guilt?
The problem with guilt is that it doesn't get you anywhere. In fact, it can actually make things worse. Parents who feel guilty about spending time apart from their children are far more likely to give in to whining or complaining. Home becomes a battleground - not because you work - but because of a misplaced belief that your working might somehow be bad for your children...
Read more
How to have fun family time with a teenager
One of my teenagers is a bit of a grump at the moment. After dragging him to a barbecue this summer and being rewarded with appalling rudeness, I came to the conclusion that spending family time with a teenager was a doomed project. But after a great day out less than a week later, I changed my mind. Having fun family time with a teenager is possible, but there is definitely a Right Way and a Wrong Way to go about it! Read more

The pitfalls of time-poor parenting
When we don't have enough time, it's easy to fall into parenting traps. Giving in to avoid conflict, parenting on autopilot, ignoring good behaviour... 
They might work in the short-term but are counterproductive in the longer term. Here are my top six bad habits of time-poor parents to make you smile! (Which ones do you do?!) Read more

Towards a stress-free morning routine
Does your house suffer from morning meltdowns? Trains don't wait for toddler tantrums or lost reading books! Here's an idea to help you problem solve your morning routine and get your child on-side - clean, fed, dressed and ready and waiting on time each day. Read more
Online parenting course for busy parents
Triple P Online is a fantastic solution for busy working parents. It's interactive and easy to use and you can log in wherever and whenever suits you. It covers all the same material as an 8-week parenting course through a lively mix of video clips, online worksheets and personalised activities. Get in touch for more information, or take a sneak peek at the course.
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The Positive Parenting Project is a social enterprise that promotes positive long term outcomes for children by supporting parents/carers to use effective parenting strategies and create a family environment that meets everyone's needs.