June 2015 Newsletter from The Positive Parenting Project
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Positive Parenting: How can I stop the arguing?

June 2015

The theme for this month's newsletter is conflict. We have tips on Sibling Rivalry, strategies for teaching children problem-solving skills and the answer to the question How can I stop my children fighting?! Plus a sure-fire plan for tackling Teenage Tantrums, a much-requested reminder on The Secret of Calm Parenting and tips on anger management for those of us with short fuses. All this and other news from The Positive Parenting Project.

Managing fighting and aggression
Bickering children can really take the fun out of family time. Here are some practical ideas from Thinking Parenting on reducing conflict between children (How can I stop my children fighting?) and a few thoughts on managing sibling rivalry ("It's not fair!"). Sometimes children resort to fighting out of frustration or because they don't know other ways to solve problems, so check out these tips on Teaching children problem-solving skills.

Keep calm and stick to the plan
Having a plan when you go into a parenting situation is always a good idea. It helps you stay calm, stick to your guns and not make ridiculous threats that you'll regret later. We have two off-the-peg parenting plans for you to try this month: one for staying calm in the face of Teenage Tantrums and the other (back by popular demand) is the best-kept secret of calm parenting Only Ask Twice.
Anger management for adults
Feeling angry is part of being human. It is a natural response to being attacked, insulted, deceived or frustrated. Anger becomes a problem when it harms you or people around you. It 
can be frightening both for those experiencing it and those witnessing it. For practical tips on managing anger and expressing it in healthy ways, visit the Mind website.
Anger management for teenagers
If you have an angry teen, download, print out or bookmark this young person's factsheet from Young Minds to help them understand their anger, recognise the triggers and early warning signs, and develop coping strategies for processing their emotions.
Parenting Courses
Would you like to do a parenting course but can't commit to attending a weekly class? Triple P Online is a fantastic web-based solution for busy parents. Suitable for parents/carers of children aged 1-11 years, it covers all the same issues and strategies as an 8-week group but in an easy-to-access online package. Check out this sneak preview or contact us for more information.

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