October 2015 Newsletter from The Positive Parenting Project
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How to support children's learning and development

October 2015

We've had a very busy September at The Positive Parenting Project, delivering parenting seminars and clinics across the country in support of corporate wellbeing initiatives for National Work-Life Week.

The new school year has also brought new challenges for our children. But what are the best ways for busy working parents to support children's learning and development and help them reach their full potential? This month, we have lots of ideas on boosting children's reading skills (particularly for boys who are reluctant to read and for children who won't engage with books).

There are tips for making homework a battle-free zone and a discussion on children's learning styles. Plus, strategies for teaching children problem-solving skills and suggestions on the best questions to ask to encourage children to talk about their day.

All this and other news from The Positive Parenting Project!

"What did you do at school today?"
"Nothing!" They can't really have done nothing all day, surely?! Encouraging your child to open up about their day is all about timing, flow, sincerity and asking the right questions. Here's our top tips on the best questions to get children to talk about their day
How do I stop the nightly homework fights?
Every night at desks and kitchen tables across the country, weary parents pitch into battle over what homework needs to be done, when, how and how good is good enough? If homework battles are ruining that precious family time between work and bed, try these tips for taking the heat out of homework.
When your child won't read books
There's no doubt that if you want to boost children's literacy, the best thing you can do is to encourage them to read. Lots and lots and lots. But what if pushing your child to read books just doesn't work? There are plenty of other ways to engage children in reading (that don't involve books!): check out these 20 great ideas for developing children's reading skills!
Teaching children problem-solving
Working parents are very good at solving problems (we get a lot of practice!). But sometimes, we need to step back and help our children do it by themselves. Learning how to solve problems is an essential life skill that improves children's academic performance, fosters their competence, boosts self-esteem and oils the wheels of social relationships. Taking a bit of time to coach your children in problem-solving is well worth the effort. 
Children's learning styles: what parents need to know
Identifying children's learning styles is a hot topic in schools. But what does this mean and how can parents use children's learning styles to support their development? Put simply, a learning style is how we process and retain information. Very young children are all sensory learners: they begin to make sense of the world through their five senses.... Read more

Books to make boys love reading
Getting boys to read isn't always easy. Reading has to compete with activities such as computer games and football, where the excitement levels are higher and the pay-offs come more quickly. Here's our list of the best books to make boys love reading (8 years and upwards). 

Online parenting course for busy parents
Triple P Online is a fantastic solution for busy working parents. It's interactive and easy to use and you can log in wherever and whenever suits you. It covers all the same material as an 8-week parenting course through a lively mix of video clips, online worksheets and personalised activities. Get in touch for more information, or take a sneak peek at the course.
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