2020 "Home of the Month" Promotion
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2020 "Home of the Month" Promotion

$50 gift card awarded each month.

Happy New Year in the Farm! We wish everyone an exciting 2020 and look forward to an amazing year with new signage and foliage around our neighborhood.

We will be kicking off a new initiative in 2020 by promoting home and yard upkeep. Every month, one lucky homeowner will win our "Home of the Month" rewarding their efforts investing time and energy to maintain and beautify their home. This winner will receive a $50 gift card and be featured in our emails. As long as you are current with your assessment and properly take care of your house/yard - you're eligible!

As this begins we also want to remind everyone of our restrictions in place to continue to keep Snee Farm as the premiere neighborhood in Mount Pleasant. Below are some of the most frequent issues logged and ways maintain your eligibility to win the gift card.
  • Trash - All trashcans & recycling cans should not be out prior to 2 PM day before pickup – typically Monday 2 PM (Garbage/Trash) and Wednesday 2 PM (Recycling).
  • Children's Larger Toys & Sporting Equipment – All non-permanent play/recreational equipment should be brought indoors or behind fences at the end of the day.
  • Residence LLC's – No home shall have any business registered that has any large equipment at the residence nor shall have employees on site prior to 9 AM and after 4 PM.
  • Mailboxes – All mailboxes should be in full working order. Additionally, all greenery around mailboxes must be trimmed only to a height so mailbox can be functional and address number can be visible.
  • Boats & Trailers – All boats & trailers must be kept behind fences and kept in a "hidden" position. Boats & trailers may be placed in driveways for specified maintenance & repair for a maximum of 14 days with prior permission from Snee Farm Restrictions/SCS.
  • Overnight Parking – No cars shall be parked overnight on street without permit. This is designated as after 11PM until 5 AM. Please be aware temporary overnight parking permits are available from the board.
  • Parking – All cars must be parked in a driveway or on the street (not overnight) and fully off any lawn/yard. Cars parked on the street, including cul de sacs, must allow for complete emergency vehicle access. All cars impeding emergency vehicle access will be reported to the TOMP Police Department and ticketed. Also, please do not park in the middle of cul de sacs. It makes it difficult for residents to pull out of their driveways. 
  • Lawn Maintenance – Yards must be maintained to a normal acceptable level of height for grass. (cutting regularly) If there is significant stress/damage to lawn, corrective measures are required. Although, prevention is always best.
  • Overgrowth of Yard/Shrubbery – All yards must be maintained. All shrubbery must be kept to the normal shape of the plant and not overgrown. This is deemed as generously too large that is grows into the home, overgrows into other plants. All vines that are not part of a decorative use shall be fully maintained off of homes.
  • Dead Plants & Larger Limbs – All plants must be maintained by cutting back on dead limbs. If any plants are fully dead, they must be removed. If homeowner thinks the plant can be brought back to health, they should provide information to demonstrate the restorative actions taken.
  • Maintenance of Home – All homes should maintain an acceptable upkeep of exterior walls. This includes any necessary pressure washing of sides/windows to remove algae & pollen, repainting if needed due to fading or stripping away.
  • Maintenance of Roof/Gutters – All homes should maintain an acceptable upkeep of roof. Maintenance of gutters for proper flow, & removing major build-up of leaves, pine needles or any other debris on the roof should be done on a consistent basis.

Thank you.

Snee Farm Board

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