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Original front entrance sign on Highway 17

WELCOME to the eNewsletter
Welcome to the first edition of Snee Farm’s new electronic newsletter. Like our entrance signs, we are in design and construction phases of the eNewsletter. Your input is welcome, we want this to be a useful and fun read for the entire neighborhood. The more ideas submitted, the better! Volunteers for the newsletter are always welcome. Please contact Mario Rasgo, Communications Chair, at to contribute.  

WELCOME New Neighbors!

Snee Farm is made up of 890 properties including Snee Farm Gardens and New Charlestowne. Since May, we gained over 30 new neighbors according to As with any move, there are questions about trash day, recycle schedules, school zones, bus stops, etc. We wish all our new neighbors a smooth transition, please ask for any help needed. 

Our community has a contracted property management company, Sue Shunk is our Community Manager. Sue’s contact information is on page 2. 

New neighbors receive information about the Homeowner’s Association (HOA) at closing, but with all the commotion of moving into a new home it can be a detail quickly forgotten. Details of the HOA guidelines, meeting dates, etc., are always available online at this website:


Safety in Snee Farm
Jon Wilbourne
Chair of Safety and Maintenance 

As we approach the holiday season, we can count many blessings in our lives. In Snee Farm, we can feel more secure knowing that Mount Pleasant was named the least-robbed city in South Carolina! Last year the town had 24 robbery incidents for 87,216 residents as reported by Frontpoint.In this instance, robbery was defined as "taking or attempting to take anything of value from the care, custody, or control of a person or persons by force or threat of force or violence and/or by putting the victim in fear." It gets better. As reports, "Mount Pleasant crime statistics report an overall downward trend in crime based on data from 15 years with violent crime decreasing and property crime decreasing."

With violent crime on the decline, we still need to work to prevent crimes of opportunity in our neighborhood. Mount Pleasant Police Department advises we can all do more to help secure our own valuables by removing them from our cars, rolling up windows and locking car doors when not attended. At the Snee Farm Community Foundation annual board meeting, police advised that motion detection lighting and video security systems are helping reduce crime in our neighborhoods and are helping to identify suspects when a crime is committed. To help make the roads of Snee Farm safer, please remember that golf carts may not be driven on public roads unless the operator has a valid driver's license and insurance. Additionally, all motorized scooters and go-carts are illegal on public roads. Public roads include all roads in our neighborhood.

To all my neighbors, please have a safe and happy holiday season!

Inside this Edition

  • WELCOME Messages 
  • Under Construction – see Entrance Photos   
  • Safety in Snee Farm     
  • A Message from your Community Manager
  • If I Could Turn Back Time... (to Standard Time)
  • Sharing the Roads in Snee Farm, be on the Defense                                
  • Snee Farm Turkey Trot 
  • Snee Farm Red Balloon Sale  
  • Closing Photos: Our Neighborhood Ghosts and Goblins

Recently under construction, our main entrance sign looks refurbished and beautiful again. The old sign was in disrepair, so planning for this project began a few years ago. Landscaping can now move forward. 

Rendering of new front entrance courtesy of Napporn Kichanan, Snee Farm Resident/Volunteer

The Landscape Committee is looking for help to decorate the new front entrance pictured above for the holidays. Please contact the Landscape Committee Chair, Kathi Pogorzelski, at, to find out how you can volunteer for this fun project.

Due to construction plans at the other entrances, the Highway 17 entrance may be the only one decorated for the holiday season this year. We are sure to see more lights and decorations next year!


A Message from your Community Manager:
Sue Shunk, CMCA, AMS
Community Manager for Snee Farm
843-972-1204 (ask to be forwarded to Sue Shunk)

There seems to be some confusion when receiving notices from CAMS (formerly SCS). These notices are sent from the home office. The notice is very plain and may or may not have any logo. Identification of the management company is in the footer of the letter.

Compliance letters will have stages:
  • The First letter is a Courtesy Reminder: just letting you know that you have a violation to the covenants.
  • The Second letter is a Warning Letter: this letter is letting you know that if the item is not corrected a fine will be imposed.
  • The third letter is a Fine Letter: this letter will let you know what fine you will be receiving.
What to do with a compliance notice:
  • If it is not your home, just contact the Manager and the violation will be closed.
  • If you disagree with the notice and would like to discuss the issue, please understand that the manager cannot waive the violation. This will be sent from the manager to the Board of Directors and only the board can waive the violation or the fine.
  • Once you have corrected the violation please send a note to the manager by e-mail stating that it has been corrected and the violation will be closed.
Please remember that a letter may reach you even after you have resolved the issue by e-mail.

If I could turn back time...
...and get some extra sleep, I would do it at 2am on Sunday, November 3rd.

For those who never recovered from Daylight Savings time last Spring, we get back to normal when we turn clocks "back" to Standard Time on November 3rd. Enjoy the extra sleep!

“Love your neighbor, yet don’t pull down your hedge” – Benjamin Franklin
Sharing the Roads in Snee Farm, be on the Defense
Debra Wilbourne
Communications Committee Volunteer

Whether driving off to work, school or the store, you are likely to see neighbors with strollers, toddlers on tricycles, walkers, joggers, pets and cyclists around almost every corner. Hopefully you see them before you need to slam on the breaks!

I interviewed some frequent Snee Farm walkers, joggers and cyclists and found many stories of near misses with vehicles. On one occasion, a walker jumped into a bush to avoid being hit by a car. Other near misses happened with drivers quickly backing out onto the road at the start of a busy day. This seems like a great time to review some safety tips for sharing the roads in Snee Farm!

The Malcolm Family (pictured above) rides bikes single file in line with Mom and with traffic in the daytime. Mom is an early morning runner who runs against traffic and stresses the need for lots of wearable lights to be visible to cars and a flashlight to see pinecones and other debris on the road that could cause injury if stepped on. Thank you, Malcolm Family!
Best practices shared by walkers, joggers and cyclists in Snee Farm: 
Drivers/Golf carts/Cyclists - Defensive Strategies
  • Drive more cautiously in the neighborhood, most accidents happen within 5 miles of home, stay alert
  • Avoid distractions (phones, gadgets, passengers) until at a stop
  • Expect pets and children to run out in front of you at any time (SLOW DOWN)
  • Cyclists ride with traffic and obey traffic rules (it's the law and what others expect to see cyclists do)
Walkers/Runners - Defensive Strategies
  • Walk or run against traffic to ensure you are visible (and it's the law)
  • Groups walk single file until traffic passes
  • Assume the driver did not see you unless you make eye contact
  • Be able to hear your surroundings
  • Be noticeable: bright colors, flashlight/wearable lights/reflectors, and an airhorn are all helpful
  • Use a dog leash made for 2-hand use, then use both hands - lifesaving when your dog suddenly pulls
  • Avoid retractable leashes
    • Locks are often faulty
    • If dropped, the bulky handle hits the pavement with a bang and can easily cause a dog to panic
  • Always have a cell phone with you, but don't let it be a distraction
  • Let's all stay alert on the roads, enjoy our beautiful neighborhood, and get home safely!!

“Love your neighbor, yet don’t pull down your hedge” – Benjamin Franklin

Red Balloon Sale NEW DATE: November 2nd

Rain, rain go away. The red balloon neighborhood-wide garage sale was postponed from its original date of October 19th to November 2nd due to very rainy weather on October 19th.

Twice a year, some very dedicated organizers encourage us all to declutter, get organized and get selling! For others, it's an opportunity to buy, recycle and upcycle. We draw hundreds of buyers from all over the Charleston area when we do this as a group.

From Lisa Moore:

Pick Up your RED BALLOONS and make a MARKETING CONTRIBUTION at 1166 Plantation Lane through November 2nd. Participants in the neighborhood-wide garage sale event will display a RED BALLOON on their mailbox. Set up a table on the driveway or EMPTY OUT your garage! 🎈🎈🎈Marketing donations go toward ads to The Post and Courier, Craigslist, NextDoor, and tons of Facebook and social media blasts!

A big "Thank You" to Lisa Moore for her organizing and marketing efforts!

"Love your neighbor, yet don't pull down your hedge" – Benjamin Franklin
 Artist: Garrett Blankenship
Third Annual Snee Farm Turkey Trot: November 28th

Bob and Heather Fairbairn of Farm Quarter Road found the downtown Charleston Turkey Trot to be getting crowded, so three years ago they organized their first neighborhood Turkey Trot 5K run in Snee Farm. The first year drew 20 runners on a rainy Thanksgiving morning. Last year, the event grew to 70 runners and they anticipate over 100 participants this year. Local sponsors make the event possible.

Start Location: Snee Farm Country Club
Time: 9am start (or soon after)
Entry fee/registration: none

T-shirt sales each year provide proceeds, all given to charity. This year's charity is SOS Lowcountry, a breast cancer charity that helps patients pay for lifesaving treatment ( For anyone who would like an event t-shirt, please send an email to

Bob envisions a more organized run each year. They will start at the Country Club and proceed down Farm Quarter Road. From there the route will vary each year. Strollers, pets, and costumes are all welcome. For younger children, a shorter fun run is held after the 5K.

Thanks to the entire Fairbairn Family for bringing the Turkey Trot to our neighborhood!



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