Greetings Pastors Social Activist and Community Leaders,


Facebook Message from Greg Cunningham of the Center for Bioethical Reform


Pastor Childress, we thank God for you and your powerful ministry and wonderful church. You changed the world at Purdue University last week and we can't thank you enough for your 25-year friendship and partnership.


Facebook Message To Greg Cunningham


Greg I would have to say, the ministry of LEARN would be quite mediocre if we were not partnered with The Center For Bioethical Reform and the use of their graphic imagery. Clearly God has blessed the work of our hands and given us an effective strategy in reaching the masses with the message of life. Purdue not only proved the essential use of graphic imagery but also revealed the highly effective results of an ethnically diverse team representing the truth of abortion. I humbly say LEARN and CBR were the only pro-life team in the country capable of going into a volatile campus and quelling the tumult in addition to winning Black and White students for the pro-life cause. Needless to say I have always appreciated CBR's friendship and look to the future for a greater impact. We are winning! 



Very rarely am I at a loss for words, not because I am so intelligent but that I am gifted by God to speak on the behalf of the unborn and carry the word of salvation. Attempting to report on the intense yet productive time we spent at Purdue University eclipses all previous Genocide Awareness programs I have ever attended. Words will not give justice to our experience. There was a spiritual war going on in the heavenlies and the battle was for the narrative to remain at Purdue that pro-lifers are insensitive and racist. That political correctness rules and determines who the arbiter of truth is. Regardless of facts, abandoning critical thinking and logic our ideology supersedes all other sources of information and truth.


Well that was all blown out of the water the three days  LEARN and CBR spent on the campus of Purdue and a flame of truth was lit and with the help of the outstanding "Students For Life" core on campus that flame will remain and the darkness will not overcome. I have never seen so many angry and bitter African American Students approach our display. They were not ready for the defense of the unborn in the matter (No Pun Intended) our team represented. Yes “ALL Black Life Matters” drew them to the debate. Unfortunately due to an ill-conceived plan to co-op Black Life Matters by pro-lifers on campus it made our job a lot more difficult. Difficult but not impossible because we had God backing us every moment. There was no logical retort for our argument and our signs and explanations were new revelations for the Black and White Students at Purdue. The LGBT who attempted to sit in at our location to prevent setting up at 7:00AM  in the morning even surrendered. They understood that we were against aborting all babies even if they could be determined to be homosexual. (there is no gay gene) this was an extraordinary event and very foretelling on the necessary strategy to use to be the most effective in communicating the truth about abortion.


With a well-balanced team of age, gender and race we were a dynamic force against the rage and pro-choice rhetoric that was hurled at us. The students had never witnessed such a fortress of truth and representation that was so diverse. We passed out MAAFA21 to a select group of perceived leaders and I can tell you it all made a great difference and many saw the truth for the first time. “If I hadn't come over and talked with you I certainly would have a much different opinion about you and this display".  That student's words encapsulated the end result of multiple conversations especially with the African American students. Getting there was invigorating but rewarding none the less.


I will share some of the discussions I had with them at a later date. This newsletter could never convey the experience we had at Purdue.

I certainly have to thank Pastor Walter Moss from Canton Ohio and his Wife for their outstanding work! They played key roles in the victory along with Chaplain Steven Craft from Monroe New Jersey. These seasoned men and women of God made a difference as repeatedly we were engaged in intense conversations simultaneously. It was an extraordinary time in that everyone needs the experience to see how effective GAP is with tomorrows leaders.


Last but not least I was invited to speak at the “New Black Panther Party" of Brownsville Brooklyn, NY. This was also an awesome experience. There were about 40 community activist there and they had gathered to stop the present Black on Black crime in the area. There theme was stop the violence. The leader who was a fan of MAAFA 21 said to me, “If we are going to talk about violence we have to talk about the violence in the womb of killing our children".  Our Q&A brought revelation to me! As I was answering questions about Planned Parenthood an elderly Brother raised his hands and said, “Did you know that the first clinic that Margaret Sanger started was right here in Brownsville Brooklyn section?" There were African American artifacts in the room where I was speaking and a display was in the room noting the fact that Brownsville Brooklyn was the beginning of the Planned Parenthood empire! Well I said, “If it started in Brownsville, let the people of Brownsville be the catalyst for change in the Black community when it pertains to ending Planned Parenthood!" They all shook their heads in agreement! I am invited back to speak on the 14th of this month.


Your pledge to LEARN Northeast is so important in getting us in the public square to pull down the strongholds of abortion. WE NEED your support. Our work has proven to be effective and we are shifting the culture daily with little resources. Your gift makes a difference and lets us know you support our vision and want to end abortion. Your gift is tax deductible and goes a long way n getting our team to key strategic locations with the message of life. - Check our events to see what is coming up and please feel free to come and volunteer in true civil rights movement of today!



                                                                      Never To Draw Back



In His Service,

Rev. Clenard H. Childress Jr.

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