Greetings Pastors Social Activist and Community Leaders,

I Was Naked And You Clothed Me

The greatest assistants in sermon illustration in over 38 years of ministry


By Clenard Childress

It was mid-July when at our annual protest at the NAACP Convention in Philadelphia, I heard the breaking news of the efforts of the Center for Medical Progress. Mark Levin was on a glorious rant regarding the number of African-American babies killed by abortion along with the revelations of the barbaric and heinous acts of Planned Parenthood. The insidious Planned Parenthood was exposed dismembering live children (abortion) and the selling of their body parts. We must conclude that the "slave block" is still alive and well in America when it was discovered whole infant cadavers were being sold on the black market, all graphically recorded for all of America to see. As I traveled up Highway 95, God's presence filled the car and I heard an inward voice speak, as if He were speaking as the voice of America, "When Did We See You Naked...?" Though it was July, and highly unusual, it was impressed upon me by the Holy Spirit to share this message at "Walk for Life San Francisco." I rarely, if ever, receive inspiration that far in advance but that was the instruction.

I had that opportunity this past week and it was quite an experience I won't ever forget! Wherever you stand on the use of graphic pictures, you would have to agree, if it would have just been an audio recording produced by Center For Medical Progress, America would not have been stunned and Planned Parenthood would not be on the run. The graphic evidence personalizes the victims of abortion and exposes the cruelty of the act of abortion. Such evidence was crucial in America's and Planned Parenthood's responses. America saw graphic evidence of the atrocity of abortion and heard the cold blooded conversations of cruel individuals that kill and profit from the mutilation of live babies. Their expressions and cavalier attitudes were clearly seen and nauseated Americans of conscience. Due to the efforts of Center for Medical Progress, and reluctant main stream media, America "Saw the Victims Naked!"

Those who are familiar with the bible and Jesus teachings have taken a deep breath and understand that the courageous efforts of David Daleiden and the Center For Medical Progress was unquestionably an orchestrated project of God Himself to announce to the nation a certain pending judgment is not too far in the future! Mathew 25 is a familiar text where Jesus Himself gives the teaching of the Day-of-Judgment. In this particular dispensation men and women will stand before the judgment seat of Christ. No matter what your denomination: Catholic, Baptist, Pentecostal, Episcopalian, Mormon, Holiness, Assemblies, and Seventh Day Adventist (I am tired) you have all used this scripture to teach Jesus Christ's return and judgment. It was amazing to me when I was a young man going to a Baptist Church that Jesus didn't say in this parable, "When did you accept Christ as your personal savior?" If you are of a Catholic persuasion, perhaps you thought it would be a question about Mass? If you are a Seventh Day Adventist, you perhaps thought it would be focused on the day you worshipped. I am sure the Holiness, Pentecostal, and Assemblies were expecting a question regarding speaking in Tongues. I should stop here before I don't have any friends at all...

The criteria that determined eternity was determined by six simple things we all in some way are capable of doing at some time in our lives. I will mention three and focus on the fourth.

Hungry you fed me, Thirsty you gave me drink, a Stranger and you took me in, "Naked You Clothed Me". There are two more and you might also conclude that one would be emotional, sick (the fifth mention of Jesus) to abort their child and any child sentenced to die, yet unborn – though in the womb – it now is a prison (the 6th mentioned) from which there is practically no chance to escape the sentence of death levied upon them. But the word we will focus upon is, Naked.

America can now never deny we did not see them Naked, for the lawsuits filed by Planned Parenthood will only cause more of America to see them Naked. See whom? According to Jesus you saw Him! For when asked the question, "When did we see you naked, Jesus? Jesus answered, 'And the King shall answer and say unto them, Verily I say unto you, Inasmuch as ye have done it unto one of the least of these my brethren, ye have done it unto me.'"

When has America collectively, corporately seen Jesus naked? When David Daleiden exposed the treachery of Planned Parenthood and America saw Jesus mutilated, cut up, and sold for profit. Planned Parenthood doesn't clothe them; they mutilate and destroy them selling their bodies and talk of Lamborghinis.

I told you earlier I had the chance to share my July inspired message last week at Walk for Life San Francisco. Any preacher can tell you, holding a prophetic message that long can welcome the 'spirit of doubt' and the habitual question 'doubt' asked: "Are you sure about this?" Also most preachers, and especially evangelicals, predominately look for 'confirmations' to materialize from outside sources to confirm the direction or instruction one has received from God. Well here were two sure-enough ones!

1. It turns out David Daleiden was asked to speak at the event unbeknownst to me until November. I was ecstatic.

2. Just before I got up to preach a few young women from "Stop Patriarchy" came to harass David Daleiden but they would in the end prove to be the greatest assistants in sermon illustration I have ever had in over 38 years of ministry! Why? Because they were "Naked" from the waist up.

Actually it doesn't stop there, for when Sister Agnes and her team of "Sisters for Life" saw them "Naked" they attempted to "Clothe Them". ."..Naked And You Clothed Me..." The stark contrast of the Sisters for Life and Planned Parenthood were never more clearly seen. When people of life see nakedness, even when being reviled, they choose to love and "Clothe" the naked. When Planned Parenthood sees the naked, they abuse, and dismember, and kill for personal gain!

Well, it was well worth the wait, the day spoke to the hearts of the people. The crowd of saints that were there recognizes that soon the day of reckoning will be upon us. We must be more diligent now than ever. The outcome is eternal and where we will stand will be determined on how well we "clothe" and protect the Naked.


In His Service,

Rev. Clenard H. Childress Jr.

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