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Fight graffiti

Helpful tips on reporting, removing, and preventing graffiti. Anyone who sees graffiti in progress should call 911. 


Update from Andrew

While I have mostly good news to share, unfortunately we've seen a significant increase in property theft across Ward 12 compared to this time last year. Our Police Department has stepped up efforts to fight crime, but they can't do it alone. Please call 911 if you see suspicious behavior in your neighborhood and follow basic home safety steps, such as closing and securing open windows and doors when going to bed or stepping out of your home. Hopefully we can reverse this trend quickly!

Making our government more open and accountable is important to me, which is why I am proud to announce that I will be bringing a draft Open Data Policy before the City Council later in July. If passed, this new policy will significantly increase the transparency of our City government and enable greater citizen participation in solving important issues in our community. I expect that upon passage, a website will be up and running by the end of the year. To see an example of what this might look like, check out the Chicago Open Data Portal. I want to thank all of the departments and groups who helped get us to this point.

In addition, I continue my work to clean up antiquated ordinances, am reviewing the final analysis ahead of our vote on municipal consent for Southwest LRT, introduced notice to improve operations of Minneapolis Animal Care and Control, and am making great progress on the City's IT Services contract (which will hopefully result in significant savings for taxpayers!)

Have a wonderful and safe Independence Day!

CM Andrew Johnson
Minnehaha Park playgrounds reopening

Two playground areas in Minnehaha Regional Park have undergone renovations and will both be open for use at the end of July. One playground, North Plateau, has been open for use since June 13 while some fenced off areas of it are still being completed. North Plateau Area playground's historic nature has been preserved and new equipment added to increase play activities. Pieces in this playground date back as far as 1906. Waubun Picnic Area will become the first universal access playground in the Minneapolis Park system. That means that at least 70% of the play features will be accessible, far more than required by the American Disabilities Act (ADA).  Construction on the playgrounds was delayed due to weather both last fall and this spring. The grand opening is  scheduled for July 31, 2014 from 4:30 to 6:30 p.m. and will be a family friendly event with face painting and kids games. To get the full grand opening details once they are finalized, residents can subscribe for e-mail updates
Changes in precincts, voting rules

For voting in 2014, there are a few changes in 12th Ward precinct polling locations and boundaries. Voters can double check their precinct location through the poll finder online. Also, the rules for absentee voting have been changed so that voters can vote absentee in person or by mail without a specific reason. For more details on absentee voting, see the City elections website. To see what races and candidates will be on the ballot, voters can fill in their address on the Minnesota Secretary of State website.  
Support local businesses during water work
Through August of this year, the Minneapolis Water department will be cleaning and lining the existing water main along the west side of Minnehaha Avenue. Residents are reminded to frequent the many local businesses along Minnehaha Avenue during this time. 

The section from East 38th Street to Nawadaha Boulevard will be completed this year, and from East Lake Street to east 38th Street will be completed in 2015. Due to the amount of time needed to do this work, Minneapolis Water chose to complete this project one year prior to Hennepin County's reconstruction of Minnehaha Avenue. 
Neighborhood Office Hours

Check out our public calendar for upcoming locations and for Andrew's weekly open office hours in the ward.
Play it safe with fireworks

Aerial or exploding fireworks are illegal in Minnesota, but legal fireworks like sparklers can be just as dangerous and can cause injury. Sparklers burn at temperature up to 1,200 degrees.  If not handled properly, fireworks can cause burns and eye injuries in kids and adults. Check the Minnesota Department of Public Safety list to see what fireworks are legal or illegal and for safety tips. Any complaints about excessive or disruptive fireworks can be filled out through an online form on the Minneapolis Police Department website.  

Appraisers reviewing Standish properties

Appraisers from the City of Minneapolis Assessor’s Office are currently conducting an official review of residential properties in the Standish neighborhood. State law requires that appraisers from the City of Minneapolis physically review all properties in the city once every five years. This ensures that the Assessor’s Office has the most current and accurate information to properly value properties throughout the city. Appraisers carry a City identification card and are required to show it if asked. 

Appraisers will be viewing the exterior of the resident’s property and will knock on their door to verify property information (if resident is home). Appraisers may also ask for permission to view the interior of the home (at the time of the review or at a later time via appointment) depending on whether there are data discrepancies, such as changes in condition. Residents who have any questions about property reviews should contact the Assessor’s Office at 612-673-2483.