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Vol. 10 No. 11
November 2021 Issue
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Holiday dinners are on the horizon. So in this issue of First Friday Genealogy with Sassy Jane features a smörgåsbord of relationship charts. You can use these when you're away from your family tree software (that conveniently calculates relationships for you).

When the post-dinner topic to turns to family relationships (was Aunt Hedda the first cousin twice removed or once removed of Grandpa Lars?), you can settle the debate. And that leaves more time for a post-feast nap.

The graphic above, from a now-defunct genealogy site, was designed and copyrighted by Alice J. Ramsay. I like this one because her graphics provide a clear visual representation to answer the sometimes thorny questions of how generations removed. 

DNA Relationship Chart
This family relationship chart also includes an average for centimorgans for each relationship. An approximate percentage of shared DNA is also included in the box that represents each potential relative. 

I use this chart a lot and I'd love to refer you to the creators at, but this, sadly, is another defunct genealogy site. 
Nathan Chen's
Family Relationship Chart
This chart comes to us from Nathan Chen at To understand his own family relationships, he created and shared this chart. If, like me, you are old enough to remember locating a place on a paper map, you can use Nathan's chart the same way. :)
Relationship Calculator in
Your Family Tree Software
If charts aren't your jam, then let your software do the work. Most family tree software packages have a relationship calculator built in. The image above shows the location of the relationship calculator in Family Tree Maker 2019. Find Tools in the menu bar and then use the pull-down menu to choose the calculator and enter the relationship you want to find. Your results will look like this:
More Downloads
Thanks for making Sassy Jane part of your genealogy research toolkit. Questions or comments on this issue? Talk to me here.

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