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Here is the 10th annual holiday issue of First Friday Genealogy with Sassy Jane, with links to books I've enjoyed this year that can help your research and provide context for your ancestors' lives.

If ever there was a year when we've done the right thing, no matter how difficult, this year is it! Treat yourself to something that will help you ... and your family history research. 

Marching Home:
Union Veterans and Their Unending Civil War

Marching Home:
Union Veterans and Their Unending Civil War
 documents what life was like for our Union Civil War ancestors, once the parades and and rejoicing ended. 

Lingering disabilities, misunderstood trauma, campaigns for paltry pensions and veterans' homes, and the formation of the Grand Army of the Republic (GAR) are included in this book by noted Civil War historian Brian Matthew Jordan. Once again archival sources paint a more realistic portrait of our ancestors' lives.

Do you have a mysterious ancestor who came to America, but then returned to Europe?

In Round-Trip to America: The Immigrants Return to Europe, 1880–1930Mark Wyman describes these return journeys as the result of nativist anger and resentment, "anger at bosses and clocks, nostalgia for waiting families," and other complex problems. Wyman's "nine broad conclusions" about those who returned can be enjoyed by every genealogist with ancestors from the Old Country. 
Susan Beller Provost updates Roots for Kids, her popular book on children and genealogy.

Collecting family stories, understanding nationalities and ethnicities, discovering family food traditions, and the origins of the surnames, and other activities, are designed to interest children in their family histories.

Each chapter features ideas to help genealogist-grandparents engage their grandchildren. Because that's what it's all about, right? :)

What happens when shelter is first a home and then an identity? Author Sarah Messer's parents bought Red House in 1965.

The original owner, Walter Hatch, stipulated Red House was to be passed down and "never to be sold or mortgaged from my children and grandchildren forever."

Messer explores the "strange and enriching consequences of growing up with another family’s birthright." 

Never Caught:
The Washingtons' Relentless Pursuit
of Their Runaway Slave, Ona Judge


Never Caught is the remarkable true story of Ona Judge, an enslaved person born and raised at Mount Vernon. When the opportunity arose in Philadelphia during George Washington's first term as president, Judge left everything she knew to escape to New England and freedom.

Her flight came at great cost. Just 22 years old, Ona became the subject of an intense manhunt led by Washington, who used his political and personal contacts to try to recapture his "property."
Using Macs & iPads for Genealogy - Updated for 2021
Will I see you tonight at the Virtual Genealogical Association webinar? I'm presenting on Using Macs and iPads for Genealogy and hope to "see" you there. 

Good luck with your research this month and see you on New Year's Day 2021 for the next issue of this newsletter. And happy holidays to everyone. Stay safe!
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