April 2015 update from Melbourne Natural Medicine Clinic
Easter in Moderation
We all indulge in some chocolate and hot cross buns over the Easter period, it's hard not to when they are everywhere; at the shops, family/friend catch ups and the work tea room! We just need to remind ourselves that moderation is the key. Whether it is selecting the smaller chocolate egg or having half a hot cross bun, you'll feel better for it!

Catching up with family or friends? Take a non-chocolate alternative - by dessert time many people will be wanting something refreshing and a seasonal fruit salad is always a crowd-pleaser. Melons, Valencia oranges, grapes and strawberries are shortly going out of season so enjoy them while they are still at their best! 

Keep an eye on our website's Recipes page to see a variety of healthy recipes, or if you are craving some hot cross buns, try these delicious Healthy Hot Cross Buffins (pictured below) from Well Nourished.

Going away for the break?
For those of you who are lucky enough to be going away over the upcoming long weekend, please order your top up of supplements prior to 3pm on Wednesday 1st April. Simply call our friendly reception team to organise delivery!

Appointments prior to Easter 
The Clinic is getting busy leading into Easter - to ensure that you are able to book an appointment and avoid disappointment, please contact the clinic on (03) 9686 2566. Places are filling quick so hop (haha) to it!

Massage now available
We are very exited to announce that a new massage therapist will be joining the MNMC team in April. Keep an our on our website and Facebook page for updates. 

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It's D-Lightful, It's D-Licious!
Vitamin D is a vital nutrient required by your body for a wide range of jobs, such as helping to boost your immunity so you are less likely to end up in bed feeling sick; playing a role in mood modulation – helping you feel good; and supporting your physical structure – making your bones and muscles strong.

D is for Dense Bones
How tough are your bones? Vitamin D improves the absorption of the minerals calcium and phosphorus, both of which are crucial for keeping your bones strong and dense. A vitamin D deficiency is strongly linked with osteoporosis and osteoporotic fractures. Therefore, having adequate vitamin D levels may reduce the risk of fractures as you get older.

D is for Muscle Definition
Are you feeling strong? Vitamin D is required by human muscle tissue to modulate muscle strength. A vitamin D deficiency can lead to muscle wastage, leaving muscles looking weak and weedy. Several studies have shown that vitamin D supplementation can improve muscle strength, function and balance.

Not as Simple as Popping a Pill or Sun-baking
Common ways to build up your vitamin D include catching some sun or taking a supplement, however vitamin D on its own may not be enough. Calcium, phosphorus and particularly magnesium are all needed to activate vitamin D and ensure it can do its many jobs properly; therefore if one of its co-factors is lacking then your vitamin D levels may be adversely affected. 

D is for Difference
Your Practitioner is the best person to assess your nutritional needs and educate you on the most effective vitamin D supplement for you, particularly as not all supplements are the same.

Your Practitioner will prescribe an appropriate supplement by assessing the following criteria, so you can be confident you are acquiring a good quality vitamin D:

• What conditions has it been stored in? Being exposed to high temperatures, humidity, air or light are factors that may affect the quality of vitamin D.

• Is the vitamin D in a specialised antioxidant oil base to enhance its stability and absorption?
• Has it been tested using real time stability testing, to ensure it stays fresh right up until the expiry date?

• Has it been tested to ensure it’s free from the presence of contaminants to guarantee you are getting the purest quality supplement?

Delving into D
Vitamin D deficiency may have negative effects on your health and prevent you from looking and feeling your best. If you have poor bone health, are lacking muscle strength or are catching every cold or flu around, this may mean your vitamin D levels are low.

Speak to your Practitioner today and make it a priority to build up your vitamin D stores with a high quality supplement and healthy sun exposure, and take another step closer to optimal health.

Healthy, Flawless, Hydrating & 

Achieve great coverage with these Antipodes Mineral Foundations from nature that bestow the healthy, flawless appearance of a soft and dewy second skin. 

These hydrating, skin-perfect foundations with natural SPF 15 feature revolutionary antioxidant Vinanza Performance Plus®. It helps reduce facial flushing, while earth minerals help balance oil production, rescue blemished skin and provide the most natural of tones. 

Antipodes Mineral Foundation is a range of lightweight foundations that is superb for all skin conditions, including normal, oily, blemish-prone and rosacea.
Why should you choose Antipodes Mineral Foundation?

*Oil free
*Provides SPF protection
*Uses naturally derived ingredients
*Contains advanced Vinanza Prformance Plus

When paired with a quality tinted moisturiser, such as Mukti Tinted Moisturiser (available in fair & medium), you will achieve a greater level of coverage and increased SPF protection. 

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