February 2015 update from Melbourne Natural Medicine Clinic
"It is health that is the real wealth and not pieces of gold and silver."
- Mahatma Gandhi

As we savour the last of the Summer weather and daylight savings, it is great to get out and about and enjoy what our city has to offer. 

A number of festivals are on over the next few weeks, including the Food and Wine Festival, Moomba and the Melbourne International Comedy Festival! So why not indulge in some great produce, revel in the colour and festivities of Moomba over the long weekend and nourish the soul with some hearty laughing!

Our own chiropractor, Dr Leesa Payne, will be appearing at the following upcoming festivals:


Go Festival (

Royal Exhibition Building, Carlton

13-15 March 2015

Located in the Massage/Healer zone, where women can book in for a 15 minute treatment to get a taste of how Leesa works.


Environmental Sensitivities Symposium (

This is an online event where Leesa is one of the speakers

23 March 2015


Seven Sisters Festival (

Bay Park, Mt Martha

27-29 March 2015

Located in the Healer zone. Leesa will be doing two shifts (Friday & Saturday).

Labour Day Weekend Trading Hours
The clinic will be closed for the Labour Day public holiday on Monday 9th March. We will however be open on Saturday 7th March for Naturopathic consultations and supplement purchases.

Going away for the long weekend?
For those of you who are lucky enough to be going away over the upcoming long weekend, please order your top up of supplements by 3pm on Thursday 5th March. Products are delivered next business day, so you will receive them in time for you to enjoy on your mini break! Simply call our friendly reception team on 9686 2566 to organise delivery.

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Keeping Your Kids Healthy and Happy at School and Childcare
Breathing a sigh of relief now that school holidays are over and the kids are back at school again?

To ensure your kids are breathing easy as well, protect them from colds and flu's this school year!

At school and childcare, kids are exposed to a host of bacteria and viruses and are often susceptible to infections. The start of the school year is the perfect time to boost your child’s immunity, so that they stay strong and healthy throughout the year and don’t fall victim to frequent infections.

A sick child can quickly spread their germs around the family, requiring time off school and having a big impact on family life. Developing robust immunity is essential to every aspect of childhood development. In fact, healthy immunity in children sets the stage for good health well into adult life!

Herbs and Nutrients For Boosting Immunity
As well as probiotics, these Natural Medicines may also help boost your child’s immunity.

Andrographis - This immune stimulating herb has a long history of use for fighting viral and bacterial infections. A clinical study has shown Andrographis to powerfully reduce the intensity of cold symptoms, such as tiredness, sleeplessness, sore throat and nasal secretions.

Vitamin C - Vitamin C increases the activity of infection-fighting white blood cells. It also inhibits viral growth and reduces incidence of the common cold. Vitamin C has been shown to be most effective when given with zinc.

Zinc - Zinc is crucial for normal development of white blood cells, the body’s main defence against infection. Zinc deficiency can dramatically reduce your child’s ability to fight bacteria and viruses, making them more susceptible to picking up infections. 
Simple Steps to Strong Immunity
To support their immune system, these diet and lifestyle tips may help:

• Ensure your child eats plenty of vegetables and fruit every day
• Ensure your child eats protein-rich foods in each meal or snack
• Ensure your child drinks plenty of water
• Reduce sugary foods and sweets, as these can suppress optimal immune function
• Avoid or limit processed foods, additives and artificial flavours
• Ensure your child has adequate sleep and rest
• Encourage regular exercise

Talk to us Today!
Your Practitioner can help you keep your kids healthy this year. Healthy kids are happier, behave better, need less time off school and cause less disruption to the smooth running of family life. 

MNMC have a full range of products that are formulated specifically for children and best of all they taste great! Enquire today or try the samples next time you pop into the clinic. 

(n.) a hug in a cup

A relaxing cup of tea is sometimes just what we need! 

Here at the clinic we stock a range of different teas from the Love Tea range. 

From naturopathic blends to old favourites, all your tea needs can be met!

Why not sample a cup next time you are in the clinic?

Each box of loose leaf tea is only $9.95


Cashew Milk

Finding tasty dairy-free alternatives can sometimes be a struggle!

The great thing about cashew milk is that it does not require straining after blending, so you can simply pour it into the glass and enjoy.

Recipe and picture courtesy of The Healthy Chef.

*1 cup (145g) raw cashew nuts
*6 cups (1.5L) filtered water
*4 - 6 fresh pitted dates
*1 tsp vanilla bean paste, extract or 1 vanilla bean scraped
*pinch of sea salt

Soak cashews overnight in 2 cups of water. Drain the soaking water. Place cashews, 6 cups of water, dates, vanilla and sea salt into a high performance blender. Blend for 30 seconds or until milk is creamy white. You don't need to strain this milk - it will be pure, creamy and delicious. Store in a glass bottle or jar in the fridge for up to 1 week. Enjoy!

**Use a little manuka honey, stevia or pure maple syrup in place of dates. You can also add a pinch of cinnamon for some extra flavour!

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